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  • One episode has Darren talking to himself while listening to the weather report on the radio;
    Darren: We don't like North Easterly winds, do we? No we don't, because it messes up our hair.
  • When Theresa, Liberty and Rae get their revenge on Ethan for three-timing them. Liberty pretends she wants to get married, Theresa makes out she's pregnant, and Rae lies about having a STD. They eventually wear him down, and then throw gunk in his face amidst a cheering crowd.
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  • Pretty much anything Darren says.
  • Darren & Nancy's wedding song being "I am the One & Only" by Chesney Hawkes, as Darren planned the entire ceremony without Nancy's knowledge. When asked about the choice of song, Darren had this to say:
    Darren: What I was thinking, was that if I got away with this massive surprise without you knowing, thennnnn...
    [Darren throws his arms in the air in victory, singing "I am the One & Only" in time with the song]
  • Esther falcon-punching Maddie right in the face.
  • Myra's drunken rant that showcases her true feelings about the rest of the Hollyoaks village.
    Myra: Like a little Yoda waddling around the village. If you're so clever, how comes you were friends with the bezzie mate of a serial killer, and you married the Take That reject with greasy hair!
    Nancy: Myra, I really don't think that's very fair.
    Darren: Thanks babe. It's styling wax actually.
    Nancy: That's the bit you have a problem with?!
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  • The entire scene where Ste puts the moves on and nearly hooks up with his own long-lost father is Black Comedy at it's finest.
  • Esther advising Sinead to break it off with Tony due to the age difference between them.
    Esther: It's like you're Miley Cyrus and he's Gary Barlow! You'll be Miley Barlow!
  • Tegan stepping in to defend Blessing from bullying:
    Tegan: At least she's pretty! YOU'VE got a face like a robber's dog!
  • Warren confronts Joel about talking to Brendan while his newly-found son helps him paint his and Mitzeee's bedroom pink.
    Warren: "I thought I told you to stay away from Brady?"

    • Warren's face after this implies he isn't far off from doing so!

  • When Mercedes goes on the lash after Joe Roscoe leaves her at the altar. She gets a few... admirers...

    Cleo: "You've just had two blokes having a fight over you!"
    Mercedes: "How romantic is that?"
    Cleo: "One of them was a vicar!!"

    • Hilarious in Hindsight as Cleo ends up with Joel Dexter as of August 2017...

  • After Scott has been recently discovered to have committed credit card fraud against James Nightingale, Diane and Scott discover Prince stole money from Esther who was left brain-damaged after getting shot in the head.

    Scott: That's disgusting!
    Diane : *gives him a look of disbelief*

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  • Marnie Nightingale finds the Mc Queens household to be rather lacking, what with their lack of avocados and soft toilet paper, leading to this from an irritated Goldie who Marnie attempted to send shopping.

    Goldie: Why don't you shove it where your toilet paper goes?!
    Myra: GOLDIE!!!

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