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  • Luna dragging Janolino by his genitals after catching him with a woman instead of fighting in the trenches
  • The train station scene. Since the train conductor was British, and the general and his men doesn't know any English, his first attempt to get into the train was to speak French, which the conductor doesn't know any. The second was to use both butchered English and Translation by Volume in Tagalog, which the conductor knows of the latter. Finally, giving up, we have this gem, to translate:
    Oh fuck this, I'm running out of English! Arrest this man!
    • When the soldiers brought their families with them to ride the train, Luna drove them away angrily using a whip. To translate:
    Fools! We're not going sightseeing!
  • The telegram exchanges between Luna and Mascardo grow increasingly over-the-top. And during the inevitable confrontation, Mascardo smugly proclaims that he would rather have a coffin given to him...which Luna obliges. Of course, Reality Ensues as the Americans take advantage of the squabble to attack the weakened Filipino lines.
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  • Luna was irritated by the knocking of his door while he was playing guitar. He stormed off angrily to answer it only realize it was his mother.
    Laureana Luna: (Slaps son) I've been knocking for ages!

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