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Funny / Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

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  • Otis picks up Becky at the airport and carries a light bag for her, leaving her to lug a oversized suitcase herself.
  • The "television scene". Specifically, the fence getting annoyed with Henry and Otis, who resolve to kill him by slamming a TV over his head and electrocuting him. Some of the finest Black Comedy in an overall grim film.
  • Otis blaming Henry for breaking his camera. And Otis throwing the camera out the window, much to Henry's annoyance.
    Henry: Could have fixed it.
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  • After brutally killing two prostitutes, Henry and Otis calmly eat burgers.
  • "Do you have any cigarettes?"
    • "Not since Superman died."
  • "Fuck the bears".

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