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  • Max and Annie's meeting with their fertility doctor somehow turns into Annie and the doctor trying to get the latter fixed up with Brooks.
    Max: So we're done with my semen?
  • Gary is the source of some of the biggest laughs in the film due to his weird and overly serious demeanor.
    • When the group shows up at his front door to tell him they want to have a game night at his place in order to secretly use his police database, Gary creepily retreats into the darkness of his home leaving the group very hesitant to follow him in.
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    • Brooks alerting Gary to the first game night with his loud welcoming as everyone is frantically motioning for him to be quiet.
  • Brooks tells the group a story of when Max was younger and apparently tried to perform oral sex on himself by tying himself up. Ryan asks with the goofiest grin on his face if Max tried to blow himself.
  • The Running Gag of people hitting glass tables that don't break.
    Kevin: Man, glass tables are acting weird today!
  • Annie being confronted by one of The Bulgarian's guards, who then gets shredded by a jet turbine.
    Annie: [Triumph] Yes!... [Realisation sinks in; horrified] Oh no, he died!
    • Also, this little exchange between the two:
    Annie: Please! I have kids at home!
    Mook: Not that ass, you don't!
    Annie: [Flattered] Oh... well... thank you.
  • The fact that the Fight Clubs really DO exist.
  • Michelle realizing the man she slept with was not Denzel Washington.
  • The scene where Annie has to remove the bullet from Max's arm. In between Annie having to work from instructions from a far-right militia website ("So I'm just going to ignore the racism"), to having to use a bottle of chardonnay to sterilise the wound instead of rubbing alcohol and use a squeaky pet toy to stop Max screaming in pain, to also purchasing a magazine because it has an excellent corn chowder recipe, it might just possibly be the most middle-class illicit gangland field surgery ever.
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  • "And that's how you get the drop on someone."
  • After they crash the Bulgarian's private jet, his henchman goes looking for Max and Annie and ends up standing under an cargo loader that has a heavy box resting near the top. Max uses Charades to instruct Annie to activate the loader so the box will fall on top of the henchman. Annie does so, only for the loader to move so incredibly slow and obvious that the henchman just stares at it and carefully takes a few steps backward avoiding it entirely.
    • Max's response to realising he'll have to use charades is one as well
    Max: Well that's some full circle bullshit.
  • Ryan's attempt to bribe the owner of the murder mystery game company. He seems to genuinely believe that if he just slides $17 over her desk as slowly as possible, she'll crack and give him what he wants to know — all the while, Sarah and the owner are just staring at each other with resigned bewilderment and him with withering exasperation. It gets to the point where he's inching a dollar bill across the table at a slug's pace that Sarah has to inform him that it's the Comically Small Bribe that's the problem, not the speed at which it is handed over.
    • In the end, Sarah just exasperatedly gives the owner a $100 bill, which the owner gladly takes... along with the $17 that Ryan gave her, to his annoyance.
  • Brooks being kidnapped and beaten up while everyone else thinks it's All Part of the Show and help themselves to the snacks while casually observing.
  • During the "Never Have I Ever" game, Sarah forces Ryan to drink by saying never has she ever accidentally left a computer open to a search for STD symptoms right before a company Powerpoint.

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