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Heartwarming / Game Night

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  • Max and Annie's relationship in general.
  • When Kevin learns that Michelle slept with someone else, he isn't bothered by it that much, and only wants her to be honest with him.
  • When the gang realizes that Brooks was kidnapped for real, they put Game Night on hold so that they can help Max and Annie rescue him.
  • When Max and Annie give their game night companions the option to leave, they choose to stay and help the duo find Brooks.
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  • After Max and Annie rescue Brooks from the kidnappers, they pursue them. Brooks shows that he genuinely cares for his brother by jumping out of the car, so as to not get him involved in his shady dealings.
  • When Gary is shot by the kidnappers, the gang is genuinely horrified, and promise to reinstate him in game night if he survives. Despite being annoyed by the revelation that he was faking it, they keep true to their promise.
  • Brooks considers his brother better than him, because whatever success he has achieved was genuine. In fact, he set up the game night session so that Max could get his dream car.

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