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Funny / The Game Plan

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  • Peyton discovering Joe is allergic to cinnamon.
  • Peyton putting poor Spike into a tutu.
    Joe: Why is my dog in a dress, wearing pink nail polish?
    Peyton: (cheerfully) He's learning Swan Lake.
    • Peyton Bedazzling Joe's football.
    • She also Bedazzled his jacket.
    Tatianna: Is your coat... Bedazzled?
    Joe: Peyton. Wait a minute. (turns to see the back of his jacket) I'm still Joe. Still the King.
  • Peyton's grossed-out reaction to Joe making breakfast ("Joe's Juice" as he calls it) in a blender.
  • Peyton and Monroe hanging out at Joe's restaurant opening.
  • Joe discovering Peyton had loaded the bathtub with way too many bubbles.
  • Peyton telling Joe he's tone deaf, sounding more like a wounded moose than Elvis.
    Joe: Ohhh, a wounded moose?
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  • Stella learning too late that Fanny Burgers really do give you gas.
    Stella: (lets out a fart after eating one of the Fanny burgers) Go, Boston.

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