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  • Award Snub: The film received no Oscar nominations, not even for Best Original Screenplay, or (for Jesse Plemons role as Gary) Best Supporting Actor.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Big Time
    • A random mook getting sucked into a plane turbine? Horrifying. Annie's joyous reaction before realizing that someone just died in front of her? Hysterical.
    • The Bulgarian is disgusted by the idea of looking through a persons excrement. Cutting them open is perfectly acceptable though...
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    • Annie has to remove a bullet from Max's arm. She find out how to do so online... from a Neo Nazi website.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Jerkass Woobie: Gary. Max, Annie and the others aren't exactly wrong for finding him off-putting and not wanting to spend time with him, and his methods for getting back into the games nights are... extreme, but he's clearly not dealing with his wife leaving him very well, and it's gradually revealed that he's just lonely and only wants to spend time with the people he considers his only friends.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Gary Kingsbury, the seemingly socially awkward neighbor of Max and Annie Davis, is actually much more cunning and intelligent than he lets on. Hoping to get himself re-instated in Max's game night sessions, Gary hires criminals to kidnap Max's brother, Brooks, while giving Max and his group clues that would lead to Brooks' location; Among those clues involve them having to spend game night with Gary. Eventually reaching Brooks location, Gary fakes getting lethally shot tricking Max and Annie into promising Gary that he would be invited in future game nights should he survive. Though initially frustrated when Gary reveals his role as the mastermind, they can't help but respect Gary for pulling off such an impressive plan and keep their promise, inviting Gary to the next game night.
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  • Spiritual Adaptation: Quite possibly the best Clue remake we'd ever get.

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