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  • When it seems like Wolfgang was a bad egg after all in "Doyle's New Friend" when he rigs the ballots to have Beef elected king, it turns out that this was only to pull a fast one on Beef when the chosen queen for the Hands Across the Galaxy event is Ms. McBrain.
    Gilda: I've never seen McBrain so happy!
    Milo: Or Beef so miserable!
  • The conversation between literal airhead Booey Bubblehead and her male counterpart Alan Airhead in "Beach Blanket Blow-Up" is pure comedy gold:
    Booey: Hi. My name's Booey Bubblehead. What's yours?
    Alan: Alan Airhead.
    Booey: Nice to meet you.
    Alan: Nice to meet who?
    Booey: You.
    Alan: We met?
    Booey: Yeah, you're Alan Airhead. I didn't forget your name.
    Alan: Gee, I like smart girls.
    Booey: You know any?
    Alan: Know any what?
    Booey: Smart girls. By the way, I'm Booey Bubblehead.
    Alan: I'm Alan Airhead. Wanna go out some time?
    Booey: (puzzled) With who?

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