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  • As terrible as the episode was, Troy and Dillan's first encounter with a revolving door in "The Super Scouts" is surprisingly hilarious.
    Dillan: (walks through door, but doesn't get out at the right moment ending up back outside)
    Troy: (dumbfounded) What happened?
    Dillan: Wha.. I don't know. I went in and it threw me right back out.
    Troy: It threw you out?
    Dillan: Troy, you don't suppose they got some kind of "alien detector" do you?
    • When Troy tries the door next, he doesn't fare much better.
  • There were a few genuinely funny moments in "The Night the Cylon's Landed".
    • The party-goers are asked to describe the Cylon they saw. And they mention the drifting laser light eye.
      "Voom, voom. Voom, voom."
    • "Andy" meeting human children (obviously for the first time).
      "Andy": Happy Halloween, little people.
    • We also learn that Cylons are vulnerable to microwave ovens. Now all the fleet needs to do is pop into a kitchen supply store, and they'll win the war.
  • Starbuck and his Cylon pal Cy get a few, in what may be the only decent Galactica 1980 episode.
    • When Cy is explaining why his Raider crashed, Starbuck jokingly asks if someone in the three-Cylon crew pulled out the manual. Cy (completely missing the mockery) confirms that they did, but it did not help. He goes on to show why flying a starfighter by committee doesn't work:
      Cy: We were taking a vote when the ground came up and hit us.
    • Starbuck tells Cy that the (pregnant) human woman they've discovered is going to give birth to yet another human. His response?
      Cy: I am rapidly being surrounded.
    • The humor is a bit darker, bordering on Fridge Horror, but... one almost has to laugh at the absurdity of it all when Starbuck's innocent question reveals that the Cylons haven't given any thought to what they're going to do once the universe is finally "organized."
      Cy: ... I don't recall anyone ever asking that question.


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