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  • This:
    CMNDT Burger: Oh, Jane! Mein liebeschen! (picks up skull) Alas, poor Jane — I knew her well!
    SGT Knocker: Put that down, sir! It's a man-skull!
    CMNDT Burger: How do you know?
    SGT Knocker: The jawline's a lot thicker. The woman's is more sand down from the naggidy-naggidy-nagging!
    • Also, finding Bo and Simpson's half-naked bodies in the desert. When the Legion discovers them, the first thing Bo says is:
      Betram "Bo" West: [weakly] Turn me over. I want to do my back.
  • During the wedding ceremony:
    Abdul Abulbul: Come to my tent. The hour of your fulfilment approaches.
    Jane Ponsonby: Look here, do I have to be fulfilled?
  • After Humphrey hangs himself in the Ponsonby mansion, the first thing the man of the house says after the shocking discovery is for his servants to cut down the hanging corpse so that the blood doesn't trickle on the expensive rug underneath it.
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  • "I do believe we've come in the nick!"
  • In the final scene:
    Bertram "Bo" West: (after the reveal that CorkTip is Knocker's new batman) That's your batman?
    SGT Knocker: Well, to be fair, it's better than Robin.

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