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  • le Pice saving the seven survivors' asses when he commands the group of reserves he collected to attack the enemy. Considering he's being portrayed by Charles Hawtrey (known for being cloudcuckoolanders in most of the franchise), this is definite Took a Level in Badass/Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass territory.
  • Also, props to Burger, during the war, for still fighting, even though he'd been shot at numerous times and knocked off the bridge.
    • Don't forget that he kept pressing on through the desert when the Legion were trying to find their base, even though they were really low on food and water supplies.
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  • Let's not forget Bo doing cricket runs with the bombs which he smacks into the enemy, whilst using a bent sword as a bat.
  • Knocker being promoted to Commandant could count as one. Considering that he'd spent the entire army time pretending to be a fearsome warrior and earning loads of medals, when he was really just sleeping with the local women, he really steps up to his sergeant title in the third act of the movie.
  • The outnumbered Legion survivors managing to defeat the enemy with a gramophone, grenades and a bent sword, and paste. (Although le Pice's surprise ambush helped them, too.)
  • "Ooh! I do believe we've come in the nick!"

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