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Funny / Farce of the Three Kingdoms

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As a very snarky satire of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this work basically runs on Rule of Funny.

  • Chapter 4. Yuan Shao writes to Wang Yun to attempt to get rid of Dong Zhuo. What does he say to convince him? "We should totally just STAB DONG ZHUO!"
  • Also from chapter 4. Wang Yun wants to do something, so invites his friends to a birthday party to talk to them. He ends up bursting into tears over Dong Zhuo's evilness, which his friends think is because he's sad about getting older. The kicker?
    Wang Yun: It's not even my birthday!
  • Chapter 7. Clearly Lu Gong forgot his plot armor.
    Lu Gong: But I’m a named character! I just got introduced!
    Cheng Pu: That isn’t going to help you in this book.
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  • The increasingly terrible omens dealt to Dong Zhuo in Chapter 9 are dismissed quite humorously.
    Dong Zhuo: “I knew that dream I had about a dragon strangling me was a good omen!”
  • Chapter 9 also features Cao Cao's recruitment portrayed in a...very modern sense. Complete with job fairs and a discussion of gaps in a resume vs "volunteer work".
  • Chapter 11: the cliffhanger is once again resolved in an anticlimactic fashion, this time with Mi Zhu's introduction. Even the characters are unimpressed.
    Tao Qian: No offense, but the hurricane would have been a much better cliffhanger.
  • On a meta level, the extremely similar names can sometimes be kind of entertaining. Particularly funny is when Lu Bu's former bosses are listed off and two characters named Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu come one after the other.
  • Chapter 12 features a minor character named He Man. Come on, tell me you didn't chuckle at that one.
    • Even better, said character is actually from the original novel. Yes, one of the most famous works of Chinese literature really does have a character named He Mannote .
  • Chen Gong’s first evacuation of Lu Bu’s wives and daughter? Heroic. The fact that he’s described as “packing up” said wives and daughter again later that chapter? Hilarious.
  • Zhang Chao’s overdramatic suicide, prefaced by the fact that he points out he's against some pretty dramatic deaths. Definitely black comedy; definitely hilarious.
  • It’s first revealed in Chapter 13 that the story has death scene judges. Zhu Jun’s death scene only scores a 3.2.
  • Emperor Xian's reaction to his first taste of porridge.
    Emperor Xian: I know I’m fleeing for my life and lost all my attendants, but I’m still the Emperor! I can’t eat regular people food!
    • It's times like this when you remember that Emperor Xian is only a child.
  • Liu Bei is very nonplussed by Ji Ling's weapon.
    Liu Bei: Wait, why is your sword a triangle? How does that even work?
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  • Chapter 15: Sun Ce taunts Taishi Ci's troops with a "nyah, nyah!" He gets a "neener, neener!" in response.
  • The brutal deconstruction of the effectiveness of single combat, also from chapter fifteen.
  • Another one from chapter 15 when Yuan Shao doesn't even bother justifying holding the Emperor's Seal anymore.
    Sun Ce (reading a note from Yuan Shao): What does he mean, ‘insert generic excuses here’?
  • From Chapter 39, Cao Cao takes a Chinese proverb and interprets it in the most literal way possible:
    Xu Shu: Careful, he has my buddy Zhuge Liang working for him! He’s basically a tiger with wings now.
    Cao Cao: Missing important anatomical functions and too heavy to get anywhere?