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  • No one in the group denies Steelhooves possesses ridiculous firepower, but that doesn't stop Calamity from contemplating strapping Littlepip to the top of the Steel Ranger to create the ultimate weapon.
  • A discussion pops up amongst the group of Littlepip's penchant for random exploration on more then one occasion but the best banter comes at the beginning of Chapter 23.
  • also from Chapter 23:
    I came barreling into a lobby full of ponies and stumbled over the severed hindleg of a raider, losing my balance and face-planting into the rubble of the collapsed ceiling. Little Macintosh clattered into the rubble.
    “uh… She tripped me!” I offered weakly, getting up.
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  • chapter 24, Calamity having trouble understanding Velvet's phrasing of his gushing over his new gun.
    Velvet Remedy pushed past us, rolling her eyes and tossing her mane. “Do you and your gun need some alone time?” she shot as she passed Calamity.
    He blinked. “Well, yeah. That’s what Ah jus’ said.”
  • Chapter 27, Homage's note to Littlepip passed over the air via DJ PON-3 left Pip burning red.
  • Another in Chapter 27 would be when Littlepip dives into a memory orb only to meet Celestia and Luna for the first time... there was much fangirling.
  • A gem at the end of chapter 31. Littlepip looks into her missing memories against the explicit direction of herself. When Pip inevitable sneaks a peek she is treated to a verbal debasing... by her past self KNOWING that she would have snuck a peek nearly ruining her own Memory Gambit.
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  • Several moments in chapter 32, Most of it hinges around Homage and Velvet teasing Littlepip. Happens ALL throughout the chapter.
  • Littlepip walking in on Calamity and Velvet Remedy (who are now a couple)... being together.
    • Followed closely by a Heartwarming Moment as both of them explain why they are attracted to each other, moreso when the normally inarticulate Calamity expresses in an honest and heartfelt manner his feelings for Velvet Remedy.
  • Chapter 39, while being a huge downer for the most part, does have Ditzy Doo learning how to release her radioactive buildup, which she finds amusing anytime she bursts and falls over on her face. In fact, her antics even during the darkest chapter of the story are capable of making the exhausted and emotionally scarred Littlepip smile.
    • Within that same chapter, Ditzy Doo shares the story of how she got her cutie mark, which is a silly and heartwarming tale on its own.
  • chapter 40, “Oh. My. Gawd! Littlepip’s hawt for mother!”
  • from chapter 44:
    Littlepip: “I’m going to do what I do best,”
    Calamity: “Drop somethin’ heavy on it?”
    Velvet Remedy: “Get shot full of holes?”
    Xenith: “Stare at flanks?”
    Homage: “Orgasm?”
    Ditzy Doo (using a chalkboard): "Squeak and blush?"
    Littlepip: “Okay, fine! I’m going to do something I’m sort of good at.”
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  • Also from Chapter 44, Meeting Lionheart, a suvivor of Cantelot, who explains he cannot speak in a lower voice because "The armor of the Palace Guards was enchanted by Princess Luna Herself that we may always speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice, so that our words would carry the proper weight!"
  • In chapter 45, Celestia recognizing Littlepip as the one who made up so many colorful epithets involving her
  • Chapter 46:
    "...a field mouse?" Calamity blinked. "Ya brought yer pet?"
    The mouse snorted, just a little, blasting the air with yard-long streams of terrifyingly solid pink.
    "Oh," Calamity muttered. "That mouse."