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Quotes / Fallout: Equestria

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Littlepip's assorted epithets:

Solar-flaring orgasms of Celestia!
Luna shitting moon rocks!
Fuck me with Celestia's forehooves!
Fuck me with the sun!
Fuck me with the moon!
Oh fuck me with the moon. Moon, sun, both of them. Rape me hard.
Celestia clop my clit with a hooffull of sunfire!
Luna rape them with Her horn!
Celestia's solar-flaring mareheat!
Luna's tidal mareheat!
Luna clop me with Her wings.
Luna-eclipsing orgasms!
Celestia rape your cunt with the burning sun if I can’t even take simple instruction from myself! Do I have no fucking self control?
Oh no. No. Celestia rape me with a solar flare, no.
By the ballsacks of a thousand star-devilsnote 
Celestia lick me like she loves me!
Luna spank my withers!
Luna shove my cunt full of moonrocks and call me home.

"You are Littlepip, she of the colorful vulgarities, am I right?"
Princess Celestia, upon meeting our foul-mouthed protagonist

"For Canterlot!!"
The radio feed from a highjacked vertibird