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  • The movie mines quite a bit of Black Comedy out of some of Cage's deaths:
    • Cage's weird yelps whenever he dies early on.
    • The entirety of Cage's third loop where he tries to warn Farell about the failed invasion only to get gagged for his trouble.
    • Cage's first attempt to save Kimmel from the crashing plane. He succeeds ... but gets squished himself, and has to try again the next time.
    • Cage's disastrous first attempt to roll under the moving Jeep to sneak out to see Vrataski, and Farrel's reaction to it.
      Farrel: What the hell were you thinking?
      • The next loop we see shows Cage barely managing to complete his roll under the Jeep; a momentary triumphant look of 'Holy shit, I'm not dead' crosses his face.
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    • Cage tries to run up to see Rita at one point... and is killed by a jeep from the side. It cuts immediately to him trying again, moving faster this time. The music is a slightly higher note when he misses the truck.
    • Cage actually saves Rita from Mimic mortar rounds, and gets a sizable hole in his chest for his trouble. So Rita steals his jacket battery and leaves him to die.
      Cage: Did you just steal my b-battery?
      [Rita makes off, and a few seconds later, an underground Mimic breaks cover and bum-rushes him]
      Cage: No no no no no, HOLY FU- [dies; loop restarts; wakes up with a yelp]
    • The first time Cage gets hurt when training with Rita (broken back and paralysis). So Rita Mercy Kills him. The first thing he sees when he wakes up is the graffiti on her propaganda poster - it only shows a closeup of the word BITCH.
      • This tends to happen when she kills Cage.
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    • Second time, Cage tries to deny that his legs are broken and tries to walk. He fails, so he tries to weasel out of another mercy kill by saying he's totally good, only to give up, and lets Rita unceremoniously shoot him again.
      Cage: (deadpan) Okay, do it.
    • ...Followed by the compression of the various mercy kills by Vrataski after training injuries followed by the NCO waking up Cage.
      • The final one is notable, as Cage is shown with an, "I Am In Hell And It Is Agonizing, Boring And Agonizingly Boring" look on his face.
  • Cage suggests he could have sex with Rita to give her the "Groundhog Day" Loop power, complete with thrusting since he's unwilling to just come out and say it. When she rejects it as having already failed to work for her, he asks how many times she tried, so she has the training machines smash into him hard enough to kill him and reset the day. The jacket's normally fairly mundane whines and clanking were turned up to comical levels during this scene.
  • "Bloody hell, it's the Full Metal Bi—" *PUNCH*
    • Made even funnier by the fact that's Emily Blunt's brother in a cameo.
  • After one of Cage's time loops, he covers for J Squad's gambling before Farell can catch them with a knowing wink.
  • Upon meeting with the general a second time (to the viewer perspective), Cage instructs Rita not to shoot him again.
  • Cage makes it a point to save Kimmell from getting crushed by a transport plane during most of his loops. During his one man raid on where he thinks the Omega is, he apathetically watches him get squashed before moving on.
  • Farrel's reaction when he discovers that the entire J Squad is AWOL.
  • The loop after Cage finds out Rita might know what's happening to him, Farrell introduces him to J-Squad as a deserter and coward who will try to convince them that he doesn't belong there, then slowly trails off uncertainly as he notices the nonplussed stares of his squad, who are watching Cage happily putting his boots in his bunk and looking like there's no place he'd rather be.
    Farell: [uncertain, unlike previous loops] -till he can't piss standing up.
  • A bit of a stretched one, but still counts. When Rita is about to get into the minivan, Cage is very specific for her to disconnect the trailer from the van. She of course forgets about it because he fails to mention that there's a Mimic hiding in it, most likely because she dies attempting to kill it if she's aware of it rather than simply leaving it alone. Then it's revealed it happens in every single loop in which they managed to reach the house with helicopter and she always forgets about the trailer, much to Cage's chagrin.
  • Griff's dumbfounded expression and deadpan response after the hitherto-Armchair Military Cage saves J Squad from a dozen mimics in a matter of seconds.
    Griff: Hey, Sarge? The new guy - what's his name again?
  • Cage's reaction to the lengthy Info Dump about the Omega. You can virtually see the instant Cage switches from 'these guys could be onto something' to 'slimy PR guru wanting to save his hide at all costs'.
    Cage: [beat] Okay...first of all...this is a terrific presentation. Terrific.
    • What's even funnier is that this line is spoken just after Rita tells Cage he will need to die to control his powers. He takes several paces back as if expecting Rita to kill him right then and there.
  • It's a very serious moment in the film as Rita realises Cage is jeopardizing the mission because he's developing feelings for her and is deliberately trying to dissuade her from taking the helicopter, but Cage's awkward response to her Armour Piercing Questions is priceless.
    Rita: How many times have we been here? How many times? Where are the keys? Where are the goddamn keys?
    Cage: [resigned; takes keys out of his pocket] OK.
    Rita: [snatches keys off him] You can fly it, can't you?
    Cage: No. Well... yes. I mean, I can take off, I’m still working on my landing.note 
  • Cage wakes up after being given a blood transfusion in the psych ward and tries to fight out of his stretcher - only to end up face down on the floor. He hears someone come in - and it turns out to be Rita.
    "I was out of mine in three minutes flat, Cage, what's the matter with you?"
  • Behind the scenes, in an interview, Emily Blunt says that she has a Valley Girl character with suitable accent she calls "Peyton". When Cage says Vrataski's middle name is Peyton, that's Cruise trolling her, but she managed not to laugh. You can see she smiles a little bit afterwards. Hard to notice, but it's there.


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