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  • The painfully white version of "Cadillac Car."
  • Even though the other characters found this act shameful, Jimmy pulling down his pants on national television is seen as a funny moment to some.
    • In a similar vein, his performance of "I Want You Baby" perfectly describes how, in three easy steps, Curtis' attempts to rebrand the James Brown-esque Jimmy into a Perry Como-style entertainer fall flat.
  • While this scene is considered unprofessional, Effie gets a moment when she decides to walk out of the recording session of the video "Heavy" on national television. Her facial expression helps.
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  • When Jimmy brings the Dreamettes on tour, Curtis hires his matronly aunt to chaperone the teenage girls. One night on the tour bus, Jimmy tries heading to the front of the bus to make a move on Lorrell, when the aunt slams her foot down in front of him.
    Aunt: That back there is Harlem. This is Hollywood. And you ain't welcome in Hollywood.
    (They stare each other down; the aunt motions her eyes to his seat in the back on of the bus, then her face says "Did I stutter?!" and Jimmy sheepishly backs off.)
  • Later, when the aunt is asleep, Lorrell goes to the back of the bus herself to flirt with Jimmy, only to be turned off when he admits he's married. She storms off and he simply says, "I see it'll take two weeks."


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