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Tear Jerker / Dreamgirls

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  • "And I'm Am Telling You I'm Not Going."
  • Jimmy suddenly dying offscreen from a heroin overdose, brought on by his depression over being dropped by the label and dumped by Lorrell simultaneously. A meta reason that makes it even more gut wrenching is that Jimmy is played by Eddie Murphy, who we all know is someone beloved and adored in real-life. For any Eddie fans watching the film today, it’s a harder pill to swallow knowing that Eddie is the only famous Murphy brother still living.
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  • Effie's original version of "One Night Only" being played over Jimmy's wake.
  • When everyone at Rainbow Records learns of Jimmy's overdose, especially Lorrell. Even though he was a self-destructive jerk, she's so heartbroken over his death that it's impossible not to share her pain.


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