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Tear Jerker / Dog Sees God

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  • The fact that this play opens with the revelation that Snoopy not only contracted rabies, but had to be put down after killing "a little yellow bird", which obviously alludes to Woodstock. So not only did beloved Snoopy contract a deadly disease and die shortly afterward, but he also ended up killing his best friend.
  • Beethoven's "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards C.B is already sad enough, what with him revealing that his father molested him and to the extent to which he's gotten bullied. But the real kicker is how he's especially hurt by C.B not doing anything to stop it, and the fact that his current tormentors were not just some random hecklers, but his former friends.
    "You were one of my best friends. You all were. I just don't get it."
  • Van's sister revealing why she lit the Little Red Haired Girl's hair on fire. Van's sister had gotten an abortion the day before sex ed, and as she tried to zone out and not listen, she read over the LRHG's shoulder. LRHG was writing a note about how glad she was that she was a virgin and was going to stay that way before marriage and how sickened she was by all the whores at school. And Van's sister snapped.
    • "Every day in therapy, they ask me if I'm sorry yet, and I just can't be. I've been labeled a psychopath and left with no choice but to believe it."
  • Beethoven's suicide, after Matt breaks his hands so badly that he can never play the piano again.
  • C.B. finally hearing back from his pen pal, who tells him that he's much better than he thinks he is. Made especially poignant on-stage with C.B standing in the center and the rest of the cast standing in a semi-circle around him, which each character in the play taking turns reading the letter.
    • The specific parts they read only add to the emotion of the final scene, such Beethoven reading the part where C.B's pen-pal talks about a boy who recently moved in that plays a piano just like him, and how that boy "found a dog who likes to sing along".
    • The final lines in the letter (and the entire play), read by C.B himself.
    C.B: "I apologize for not being there for you before. And I'm not sure if I'll be able to write to you again. Just know that there's someone out there thinking about you. Someone who has a vested interest in your success. How I wish I had the opportunity to meet you. Maintain in your heart all that makes you who you are. You are a good man. Your pen pal, C.S.
    (As the music reaches its end, he drops the soggy letter and, embracing his own raincloud, cries. For his dog. For his friend. For himself.)

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