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Headscratchers / Dreamgirls

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  • I just don't see how the cover version of "Cadillac Car" should be considered as The Moral Substitute. Would anybody care to explain please?
    • When white "artists" covered black artists, they were seen as Mighty Whitey, which in a sense bore Unfortunate Implications in that they "cleaned up" the dirty images associated with Rock and Roll (rooted in black American culture) and "did it better" for the masses.
  • This film is apparently hated, unless people are talking about another film by the same name. I don't see why it is though; it doesn't look bad, and I remember it getting a lot of praise on release.
    • Hated by who? To my knowledge, the movie had a generally positive reception by critics and moviegoers, and it was up for several Oscars. Unless you're talking about anime and sci-fi fans, in which case an adapted musical about 60's R&B singers is probably not their cup of tea to begin with.
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    • The movie was hated by many fans of the stage musical because many of the songs were cut out and replaced with dialog.
  • Did C.C. know that Effie had Curtis' baby? Although they were estranged, they were still siblings and both were in contact with their father, so I feel like he would have to know about Magic, and therefore make the deduction (given Magic's age and Effie's relationship with Curtis) that Curtis was the father. He didn't also seem surprised when he first met Magic. But if that's true, why didn't he tell Curtis at some point? He doesn't really seem the type to keep that a secret.
    • It was clear in the movie that C.C. didn't know that he was Magic's uncle until Effie spotted him at her apartment and she tried to avoid him due to anger and resentment. That also implies that he doesn't even know that Curtis is the father of Effie's child...or the fact that Curtis is a father in the first place. Effie's father did tell little Magic that C.C. was her uncle, implying that Effie probably told her father to not to tell C.C. anything about her and Magic to him, due to not wanting anything to do with her brother.