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  • When a young John first arrives at the castle.
    Angus: Welcome home John, to the land of your forefathers
    John: "Four-father's"? (skeptical) Nobody has four father's.
  • When grandpa Angus tells John he needs to eat-up to have the strength to do morning chores. John argues that he's to young for such a thing.
    John: That starts when your about, eight.
  • When Angus leaves John to watch over the sheep.
    John: Watch them? Watch them do what?
    Angus: Well...whatever it is they do.
  • John and Yowler's first meeting, which involved a great deal of running, screaming and a tackle.
    • Baby Yowler and Mrs. Cosgrove's first meeting. She quickly gets her broom, and all hell breaks loose.
  • Bob meeting Yowler.
    John: It's alright, he wont hurt you.
    Bob: (still very much frightened) Yeah?!

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