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Funny / Dragonslayer

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  • Hosric cutting short and shouting the last lines of the ceremony while fleeing when it's clear the dragon's about to arrive.
  • Most of Hodge's lines, before his untimely death. After becoming the new sorcerer, Galen playfully torments him by magically removing his luggage sack and his robe. Even his death is unintentionally funny: He had been shot with an arrow and nearly continues on as if nothing happened.
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  • King Casiodorus demands Galen prove he is an actual sorcerer. In the king's court, Galen attempts to make a table fly. It just wobbles and falls over. Right before that, Galen asked if anyone there had ever seen a table fly, and then answers for himself that of course they haven't.
  • First thing Ulric asks after his apprentice Galen resurrects him: "You didn't bring anything along to eat, by any chance?"
  • During the Bittersweet Ending, the bit where the king (with great and solemn ceremony) pokes the (already extremely dead) dragon with a sword and is proclaimed to the crowd as a dragonslayer is both this and the birth of the "photo op."