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No apples = no sanity for Ryuk.

Death Note
  • L staking about half a dozen donuts and assorted sweets on a skewer, before taking one that he'd made earlier and offering it to Sochiro:
    L: Donut kebab?
    • The best part about this is the way that Soichiro nervously passes it on to another officer.
  • Ryuk's scream when he is told by Light that he cannot have any apples, as Light's house has been bugged. This reaction is pictured.

L: Change the WorLd

  • The overblown three-minute death scene.
  • The children L is protecting ask him to stand up straight. Which he does. Slowly. And you can hear the bones in his spine cracking a bit.
  • The crepes truck. That is all.
  • Hideaki Suruga's complaints about basically being nothing more than a decoy for L and the children.
  • When the doctor is trying to chew L a new butthole, L merely ignores him, picking up random food items to shove in his mouth, even ignoring it as the doctor hits him with a roll of paper like he's a naughty pet. L somehow doesn't flinch when the doctor also yells "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!?!?!" right into his ear!


  • L's "disguise" in the live-action movies. Leave it to L to be the one thing in Death Note that makes you laugh.

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