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Heartwarming / Death Note Series

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Death Note

  • Soichiro gets angry at L for using a random criminal as a guinea pig to smoke out Kira. This shows that Soichiro has compassion for those that break the law.
  • When they put cameras in Light's house, L, in his usual position is half asleep. The first thing Soichiro does when seeing him is put a blanket on his shoulders. It shows that despite their views on fighting crime, he treats him no different than he would treat his own son.

Death Note: The Last Name

  • Despite the fact that Light tried to murder him, Soichiro still holds his son as Light succumbs to his heart attack.
  • Soichiro and L's final scene right before the latter's death, with L saying that he doesn't know what it's like to have a father, but he knows that Soichiro is a great one. Soichiro then salutes L before leaving. When L dies, we see his chocolate bar drop next to a picture of Watari, the closest thing L did have to a father.
  • Misa is horrified to the point of tears when Light writes his own father's name in the Death Note. As someone whose entire Freudian Excuse is that her family was murdered, she cannot comprehend someone actually killing their own family.

L: Change the WorLd

  • After L stops Maki from killing her father's murderer, he hugs her as she cries.
    "You're a good girl. I believed in you."
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  • L then leaves Maki a pre-recorded message at the hospital she has to stay in.
  • L held a private funeral for Watari. He even sent out messages to everyone in his field, informing them of his passing.
  • The scene where L presents Near with the toy robot he had been admiring at a shop earlier in the film.
  • Also when he presents Maki and Near with a donut-kebab in an attempt to make them feel better. It's like he's saying, "No need to be upset, look! I have a present for you!".

Death Note: Light Up the New World

  • Ryuzaki's and Arma's relationship is one. While the latter is a Shinigami, she isn't villainous, and the two merely communicate like friends would.