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  • In the reboot, Tyson describes the resistance to the theory of evolution with "Nothing is more embarrassing than a relative," as a chimp throws poo at the camera.
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  • Clair Patterson going to all kinds of lengths to remove lead contaminants from his lab... and then some idiot opens the door to ask where the bathroom is.
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way Humphry Davy before experimenting with nitrogen trichloride laughing about another scientist losing an eye and three fingers who worked with it before it explodes in his face and suddenly his eyes are bleeding and he screams "MY EYES!!"(Fortunately he got better).
  • When discussing an attempt to get Isaac Newton's book published by the Royal Society, it is revealed that the Society couldn't print the book because... they ran out of money printing another book called "The History of Fish" which didn't sell so well. Then Tyson is shown picking up a copy of the "History of Fish" and remarking "Well, it really was a good book...."
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  • Tyson introduces the Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector... while sitting in a rubber dinghy in the detector's cooling pool.

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