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The whole point of creation... because whatever Powers That Be want apple pie.

The Spaceship of the Imagination is their TARDIS. We are their companions. They take us on a journey to see all the known wonders of the universe.
  • Neil is obviously the regenerated Carl.

Neil Degrasse Tyson is actually Quincy from Little Einsteins, all grown up
Because in every episode we're going on a trip in his favorite rocket ship...

Black holes bend space, time, matter... and imagination.
There's no other way to explain why the Spaceship of the Imagination jitters and shakes as it enters the black hole.
  • Or Tyson himself is struggling to imagine the consequences of entering a black hole, making the ship struggle in response.

Somewhere, a Yaoi Fangirl is writing Maxhofer slash.
Because Fraunhofer looked just so sweet in Prince Maximillian's arms and when has reality ever stopped the fangirls anyway?
  • They made young Fraunhofer very cute in that episode, presumably so he'd make a better Woobie.

The factories in "World Set Free" were manufacturing Omega
In Simcity (2013)'s expansion Cities of Tomorrow, Omega factories belch purple smoke, as they did in the episode when carbon monoxide was shown as purple gas.

A third series will be made with another one of Tyson's contemporaries.

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