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Episode 1 - "Pilot"

  • Seeing Snyder at the stove casually whipping up breakfast (and being obviously rather proficient at it, too) is incongruously amusing.

Episode 3 - "98 Seconds"

  • Will has just returned from trying to chase down a suspect. Beau, his partner, is less than amused.
    Beau: I survived thirty years on the job because I didn't run at bullets!

Episode 9 - "Zero Day"

  • One of Snyder's cronies attempts to reassure him, and Snyder's lampshading of the double meaning is amusing.
    Burgess: I'll start digging, but Alan... truly, as far as I know, everybody up here is fully behind you.
    Snyder: (decidedly not believing it) With daggers in hand.

Season 2 Episode 9 - "Seppuku"

  • Snyder and Helena are watching a Host ship lifting off and drinking.
    Snyder: To Nolan, who shot for the moon and finally got it.

Season 3 Episode 1 - "Maquis"

  • Alan Snyder has experienced quite the come-down since hiding out at the remote cabin:
    Snyder: I don't know when I turned into a short-order cook.
    Will Bowman: It's because you're useless at all the other chores.
    Snyder: "Useless" seems like an unnecessarily hurtful choice of words.
    Grace: You dyed all my T-shirts pink.
    Snyder: What am I, a laundry service?
  • Bram and Snyder have a little Snark-to-Snark Combat:
    Snyder: Is it really healthy for a young man to spend all of his time listening to some lady read numbers on the radio?
    Bram: Are you here to give me the sex talk?
    Snyder: I would, but unless you've fallen in love with a bear, I don't see that it's gonna be of much use.

Season 3 Episode 2 - "Puzzle Man"

  • Bram and Snyder trade barbs again:
    Bram: Who's out there making cereal?
    Snyder: Do I look like Cap'n Crunch?

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