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The Earth is dying. Global warming is coming to its logical conclusion. Various parts of the world are submerged. Overpopulation is stretching the remaining resources to breaking point. A few small outposts have been set up within the solar system, but they are harsh and brutal. Mankind needs a more permanent solution.

Hence The Project.

A massive Generation Ship named the Willflower is built with the largest budget in the history of humanity. It will be crewed by the creme de la creme of humanity. Every crew member from the captain right down to the canteen staff is the absolute best at what they do. Their mission is to find a new home for mankind (or at least for the best mankind has to offer anyway).


Enter Eddie O'Hare. He considers himself to be the unluckiest man in the cosmos. He's been framed for taking money from some very important people. There are hitmen after him. He's down to his last couple of bucks but his luck changes when he meets Charles Perry Gordon, a man who looks exactly like him who wants out of The Project due to having just won an immense fortune.

However, this doesn't turn out to be the dream escape Eddie's dreamed of. His new identity is that of Chief Community Planner, which is fairly high up the ladder and will require a lot of jumping through hoops. So, it's a bit of a relief when Eddie is killed.

Ten generations later, something has gone wrong. Horribly wrong.

So, a story about the last remnant of humanity in deep space sounds familiar, right? That's because it was written by Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant. While its similarity to Red Dwarf was criticised, its Darker and Edgier and genuinely funny storyline meant it was well received when it came out.


Colony contains examples of:

  • Ax-Crazy: Paolo San Pablos aka "Mr. Pink Socks". He starts out as a hitman assigned to take out people who can't pay off their debts and runs across Eddie several times, even offering friendly advice. He kills Gordon after his big win, as Gordon was not supposed to break the casino's bank. After discovering Eddie on his list, he follows him on board the ship and is captured by security and sentenced to "the temporary suspension of life". He is the only other person to survive the revival process, but suffers some major Sanity Slippage in the process, resulting in near constant seizures.
  • BFG: The Styx drones' laser rifles. One of them manages to blow himself up by firing at a door at point blank range on the highest power setting.
  • Body Horror. Stowaways are punished by having their head and spine removed from their bodies and preserved in a jar. This also is used on critically injured personnel. These people can be revived in a robotic suit. Eddie is the only person to survive the process with his sanity intact.
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  • Church Militant: While the original Peck takes a dislike to Eddie because of the profession of the man he is impersonating, the tenth generation Peck believes Eddie to be the spawn of Satan, given his revival from near death. When she makes a mistake, she punishes herself by whipping herself while naked and blindfolded. She dresses like a nun and believes that Father Lewis can do no wrong, despite him being an atheist pervert. The worst part? She's the science officer.
  • Clone Degeneration: The Styx drones get progressively less intelligent with each batch. The only reason they're kept around is that they're cheap, easy to make and very strong.
  • Cloning Blues: The original security chief is cloned in a process known as droning. However, the intelligence of each new batch of drones deteriorates, leaving the entire security team with the mental agility of pond life.
  • Colonized Solar System: A few planets were colonised but are implied to have died out by the end.
  • Cyborg: The revival suit is intended to bring critically/fatally injured personnel Back from the Dead by inserting their head, spine, and central nervous system into a robotic body. Unfortunately, the suit has the same problem that the RoboCop 2 prototypes had; The process drives most people insane, if they can survive it at all, that is. The suit is very strong and has pincers for hands, which, combined with Eddie not being wired into the suit correctly, means that he has to relearn how to use his body lest he accidentally grab someone's testicles with his pincers while trying to sit up.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Thanks to the remains of his nervous system being wired incorrectly into the revival suit, Eddie has to relearn how to use his new body. One of the Styx drones finds this out the hard way.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Oslo. This being a work of Rob Grant, there must be at least one.
  • Deconstruction: Of the premise of Red Dwarf.
  • A Degree in Useless: Everyone treats Community Planning as this, especially in the tenth generation, where Oslo derides Gordon as "Head Of Ice Cream". Eddie's own qualification in accounting is useless on the Willflower, as it's a moneyless society.
  • The Determinator: Mr. Pink Socks. He follows Eddie up to the Project and over ten generations just to kill him for stealing money from his employers. It doesn't even matter to him that said employers are now long dead and that money is now useless.
  • Dirty Old Monk: Father Lewis by the tenth generation. The original Lewis was staunchly opposed to the breeding plan and shot Eddie to try and prevent it. The tenth generation Lewis, having inherited his job from his father is an atheist with cameras everywhere for the purposes of making pornography. When he escapes the ship using the one remaining escape module, he takes the ship's prostitutes with him.
  • Dodgy Toupee: The two hitmen wear a variety of wigs that they change out for each hit. Eddie describes one wig as a kind of Superman black that almost looks like hair.
  • Dumb Muscle: The Styx drones. To a lesser extent, the original Styx himself, though this is only in comparison to the rest of the ship's other Section Leaders, who are the top scientists in their fields.
  • Expendable Clone: Drones are treated as Red Shirts by the rest of the crew who couldn't care less if they live or die. Eddie is horrified at this and his efforts to save them are generally doomed to failure.
  • The Fundamentalist: Trinity Peck despises Eddie because she sees his preservation and revival as an affront to God. And she's the science officer.
  • Gasshole: Father Lewis suffers intestinal injuries after being run over by an electric cart that cause him to fart uncontrollably.
  • Hard on Soft Science: In universe, the original Peck despises Eddie because she considers social sciences to be amateurish. She herself specialises in chaos theory.
  • Identical Grandson: Everyone on board the Willflower by the tenth generation resembles their previous descendants a little too closely due to inbreeding. Lampshaded by Amalgam Willard-Walters upon meeting Father Lewis.
  • Incest Is Relative: Because the initial breeding plan was only meant for a generation or two and the real Charles Perry Gordon never made it onto the ship to update it or have any descendants to take over the role of Chief Community Planner, many of the crew share a variety of facial features leading to the Identical Grandson scenario. The gene pool on a closed system like a starship over ten generations becomes very limited indeed.
  • Karma Houdini: Depsite betraying the crew at every turn, Father Lewis manages to escape the ship in the one remaining STiP module, taking the ship's prostitutes with him.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Mr. Pink Socks finishes Gordon off in one swing with one.
  • Living Ship: The Willflower evolves into one of these by the end of the book. This explains the damage caused and the change in its layout.
  • Limited Advancement Opportunities: Jobs are inherited by a crewmember's offspring. The idea being that people don't need to learn unnecessary skills. All this is well and good if you're a descendant of The Captain or a Section Leader, but if you're the child of a dinner lady or a prostitute, then that's all you can ever aspire to be.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Eddie reckons that Gordon and the original Gwent are this, due to the breeding programme and inherited jobs.
  • Never Learned to Read: The entire crew by the tenth generation and the entire reason Eddie is revived. Turns out the ship has evolved and gained sentient awareness and has taken away the crew's literacy in order to erase the follies of the first generation.
  • No Indoor Voice: The original Captain Gwent. Except when he's angry.
  • Paradise Planet: Thrrrppp, being the most desirable and habitable of all the worlds the Willflower has encountered by the second half of the story. Of course, it's completely out of reach for most of this segment, compared to the almost unlivable Penis and Panties.
  • Population Control: Every person on board the ship inherits their job from their parents, whose sexual partners are designated by a plan. By the time Eddie is revived, the ship's crew is ridiculously inbred. To a lesser extent, this can also be seen with the (expired) sexual activity clearance card that Eddie possesses on Earth.
  • Real Men Wear Pink Socks
  • Sanity Slippage: Mr Pink Socks started out as an Evil Debt Collector, albeit an Affably Evil one. When he takes on the job of collecting the debt from Eddie, he follows him up to the Willflower and gets his head and spinal column removed from his body. When the tenth generation revives him in a bodysuit, he goes berserk, escapes and starts murdering random crewmembers. By the time he confronts Eddie, he doesn't even care that his employers are long dead at this point.
  • Sharing a Body: The Professors. Unfortunately, they are constantly trying to kill each other, so they are placed in cryo stasis. Which is unfortunate, as they are both the smartest people in the entire book and accurately diagnose the cause of the ship's structural damage (if only briefly before the argument they have gets them put back in the freezer).
  • Shout-Out: The revival suit is a take on RoboCop (1987). The idea of failures is even taken from RoboCop 2, though Played for Drama more than for Black Comedy.
  • Sinister Minister: Father Lewis. By comparison to his First Generation counterpart, who was a good man, the Tenth Generation Lewis is actually only out for personal gain. He's an atheist, but since he inherited his job, he hasn't a choice and decides to make the best of it by using the confessional for blackmail purposes, recording lewd videos of the ship's female crewmembers and having sex with several of them. He also escapes the ship, leaving the crew to their doom.
  • Stable Time Loop: Eventually, Eddie learns that the unfortunate series of events that lead to him ending up on board the Willflower in the first place were caused by the ship's ability to influence electronic equipment in the past. Eddie is given the choice as to whether he wants to go back to his old life or allow events to be carried out as they already have. Given that going back to his old life would mean the end of humanity, Eddie chooses to remain on board.
  • Stupid Future People: None of the descendants can read and they only unfroze Eddie because they thought it was a specialist skill he had, not realising that everybody in the past could read.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The Styx drones. One of them blows himself up by shooting a door with his laser rifle at the maximum setting at point blank range.
  • Spare Body Parts: The street surgeon has an extra hand in his crotch and is willing to sell parts to people. Also, one prostitute has a vagina grafted to her hand.
  • Unfortunate Names: The planets discovered by the teenage Captain Gwent. "Thrrrppp", "Penis", "Panties", and "Jockstrap" are all used in some form of innuendo by Gwent. In the same sentence.
  • What, Exactly, Is His Job?: Gordon tells Eddie that he will be easily able to bluff Community Planning. On the elevator ride up to the Willflower, Eddie soon finds that Community Planning turns out to be one of those vague disciplines that it takes years to study and, even after that, someone would find it hard to define. By the tenth generation, nobody has heard of the idea of a CCP, with Oslo snarkily dismissing Gordon as "Head Of Ice Cream".
  • Wretched Hive: Afortunado, aka "Lucky Town", a sort of Las Vegas type place compressed down to an area where everything is less than fifteen minutes walk from one side to the other and run by a coalition of various mafia groups to provide entertainment for people working on The Project. It's located at the South Pole and it's implied that the forcefields that keep the harsh environment out will be switched off when the Willflower departs, leaving Afortunado to be buried in snow.

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