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Funny / Class (2016)

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Season 01

"For Tonight We Might Die"

Miss Quill: LEAVE US! We are decorating!


Matteusz: Do you often see your parents after sex?

"Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart"

  • Because of their link Corakinus gets extremely horny when April and Ram start having sex, so he starts mating with one of his female underlings. But April finishes way ahead of him, leaving Corakinus in a really awkward position mid-coitus.
    Corakinus: Can we just cuddle for a moment?
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  • Tanya asking Matteusz if Charlie's genitals are human-like too:
    "Is he all human? You know, like, down there?"

"Brave-ish Heart"

  • As Charlie begins a power-up sequence for the Cabinet, Miss Quill learns it requires a very long-winded, ornate and overly flowery speech to program the Rhodians' superweapon.
    Miss Quill: Oh, hell's bells, I forgot how up themselves the Rhodians are.
  • Both April and Ram's parents have been let in on the loop and now their children have to explain to them what they do for a living in what is sure to be a very tiresome process for the both of them. Cue Tanya getting a quip in with a shit-eating grin:
    Tanya: Well, I'm glad my mum didn't come.


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