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  • Acceptable Targets:
    April: You're weird and don't know anything about pop culture. You're either alien or Amish.
    Mr Armitage: He's from Ofsted. Of course he's evil.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Is Miss Quill a genuine victim to the Rhodia's slavery and oppression, or is she, as Charlie puts it, a terrorist defending an irresponsible people? Keep in mind that the Doctor had the chance to remove the Arn from her head, and he chose not to, though that's explicitly not for anything she did on Rhodia but for tricking someone into dying to save her.
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    • As well, is Quill truly helping everyone, or is she just doing what she feels she is being forced to do by Charlie while biding her time to free herself. Now, she did help Tanya save her brothers and even trained her, but that could have been because out of everyone else, Tanya was the only one who really wanted to use the Cabinet of Souls out of revenge, which also benefits Quill.
    • Similarly, were the Rhodia just in turning their attackers into protectors, or were they just enslaving people as Miss Quill interprets?
    • Does Tanya truly feel that the others just see her as too young, or is she more resentful of the fact that most of them seemed to have paired off with each other while she is all alone? Notice that she went after both Charlie and April, two people who happen to be in relationships? She also may be so resentful that she made a comment about all of them being white and therefore having their problems go away, while ignoring/forgetting that Ram is also a nonwhite (he's a Sikh with Indian ancestry).
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    • Tanya could also have the mistaken belief that her pain and problems matter more than everyone else's, something that she snapped at April over when they were all trapped together. Later, when she had lost her mother, she demanded that Charlie use the Cabinet of Souls. When she was told that it could anyone infected with Shadow ash (like Charlie) or linked to the Shadowkin (like April), she yelled that she wasn't going to choose them over her own family, knowing full well that Charlie and April had people like Matteuz, Ram and April's mom who would feel the same pain that she was going through.
    • A third interpretation is that Tanya is just too hung up on issues of race, and tends to see her friends as racist. Tanya keeps making comments about white people to Ram behind their backs. A joking comment to April about liking Downton Abbey due to "white people being nice to each other" also lends to the idea, as does her telling Charlie and April that they don't understand Ram's trauma over losing his girlfriend when he ices them out (Charlie and April had already gone through their own trauma by then). Her possibly deep seated anger over race and her perceived mistreatment by the others could explain why she has bonded with Quill, whom she also sees as mistreated by Charlie.
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    • Charlie's desire to use the Cabinet of Souls to possibly bring back his dead people (at the cost of certain genocide), is clearly depicted as being wrong. However, one could argue he's simply yearning for a people he once governed and cherished.
    • Charlie's relationship with Matteuz could be genuine love. However, it could also be that Charlie is suffering from a deep and intense version of PTSD due to losing his people and is very afraid of losing anyone else ever again, which could also be why he is so afraid of using the Cabinet (and can also explain his reluctance to kill Corakinus, which definitely kill April as well. He is hesitant to rid himself of Quill while she is unconscious, knowing that she is a threat to him.)
    • Is Charlie justified in enslaving Quill such that she'll die if she disobeys him, or is he an arrogant jerk who thinks Culture Justifies Everything and has never really confronted the unsavoury aspects of his civilisation?
  • Anvilicious: April's mother giving a very heavy-handed speech about how she was happy in a wheelchair after April heals her spine, which seems a very obvious attempt by the writer (or possibly the actress) to avoid being accused of creating the negative implications of Throwing Off the Disability.
  • Bad Export for You: Some fans have partially blamed the failure of Class on the decision by BBC America to hold on broadcasting it until Series 10 of Doctor Who began airing in the spring of 2017, rather than offering the same type of same-day broadcast offered the parent series, thereby reducing promotion of the series. The delay also allowed negative word of mouth to spread both from viewers in the UK and Canada, as well as from Americans who downloaded the series.
  • Broken Base:
    • Doctor Who fandom was split into those who enjoyed the series and its more adult take on the Who franchise and those who did not. Interestingly, whether one is a fan of the even more adult-orientated Torchwood or not appears to have no bearing on whether one accepted or rejected Class. A list of the points of contention between fan factions would require a separate article.
    • Among those who were Just Here for Godzilla - the cameo by the Twelfth Doctor in the first episode "For Tonight We Might Die" - the base was broken further between those who applauded the reference to his Lost Lenore, Clara Oswald, and those who ... did not.
  • Complete Monster: Corakinus, the Shadow King, believing the Shadow Kin's existence is a mistake, decides to destroy as many worlds as he can with his army. After wiping out the planet Rhodia, he relentlessly pursues the survivors Charlie Smith and Miss Andrea Quill on Earth. He kills the student Rachel Chapman in front of her boyfriend Ram Singh and slices off the boy's leg. Forced to share April MacLean's heart, he has his men search for a way to break the connection and kills them when they fail. When he duels with April he sends his minions to attack Ram. To prove how ruthless he is, he murders Ram's father and Tanya's mother right in front of them before starting the negotiation, and later attempts to kill Tanya's brothers as well. Holding Charlie's boyfriend Mattheusz Andrzejewski hostage, he orders April to surrender if she doesn't want to see the end of mankind. When she agrees, she reads in his minds that he has no intentions of respecting the bargain and plans to kill everyone no matter what they do.
  • Critical Research Failure: In "Detained", Matteusz talks about the incident in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader where "Susan" overhears a friend talking badly about her. That actually happened to Lucy, not Susan (who wasn't even in that book). Not helped by following a lengthy Misaimed Fandom speech about how the writer obviously hates Susan.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Matteusz is quite liked for being laconic, a loyal boyfriend, moral, and very attractive. Of the main cast, Charlie and Quill are usually ranked the most highly for their Fish out of Water antics.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Quill lost her people as well. Before that, she was enslaved due to her actions in war. While she can be cruel and sarcastic, and even willing to sacrifice others to save herself, she also is in a lot of pain and really misses her people.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many fans only watched the first episode because the Twelfth Doctor made a guest appearance. It was brief but he did steal the spotlight while he was there. While some fans watched the rest of the show, many others tuned out after the first episode either out of lack of interest or because the show was too sexual and violent. This is reflected in the BBC One ratings that saw a marked drop off between the first and second episodes.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    Tanya: Ram said April's body has been taken over by the Shadow Kin. His voice sounded kind of funny - I think they had sex.
    Charlie: Ram and the Shadow Kin?
    • This exchange is already hilarious, but given that in the next episode, April defeats the Shadow Kin King and becomes King herself makes it even better.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Lankin are a mass of green tentacles with simulacrums of people's dead loved ones attached to them. If you touch it, it will steal your soul. Many of the protagonists have to deal with its manipulations. In particular, Grace's father Jasper gradually gets more insistent and creepy as it goes on. This is made worse by the Lankin's appearance in a Bottle Episode in which the various members of the gang are all cut off from each other any help, and by the fact that Quill is quite afraid of it.
  • Pandering to the Base: One of the very first lines of dialogue is Tanya gleefully declaring, "We just failed The Bechdel Test!" with zero context on what that is for those not in the know. For better or for worse, this show knows that it's aimed squarely at the sizeable Tumblr fandom of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, it just contributed to the Broken Base instead.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • The shocking reveal of just who the Governors are working for. It's the Weeping Angels.
    • The Doctor recognizing and reacting to seeing Clara Oswald's name on the memorial plaque in Episode 1 (although this moment has no meaning to viewers not familiar with Doctor Who).
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The opening sequence of "Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart", showing one of the evil alien flowers being blown through the neighbourhood, has rather bad CGI, with the flower, looking obviously computer-animated and pasted onto the background image.
    • The soot-and-cinder haze that follows the Shadow Kin around can be a little too obvious at some points.
  • Squick: When Ram and April have sex in "Co-owner of a Lonely Heart", it also causes Corakanius and Kharrus to have sex as result of the link between Corakanius and April. That's not something anyone wanted to see.
  • Strangled by the Red String: April and Ram kiss in Episode 3 without much romantic buildup.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The Device in "What Quill Did". It has the ability to turn beliefs into physical settings, such as a heaven for Arns. Interesting idea, only really used as a setup for angst and a bit of development for Quill.
  • The Woobie:
    • Ram starts off the series by losing his girlfriend, Rachel, at the school dance to the Shadowkin. At the same time, he also loses his leg, and gets a prosthetic from the Doctor, only to struggle greatly in soccer and suffers from PTSD as a result. He then finds out that his coach was using an alien tattoo for his own needs. He goes on to start dating April, but her heart is linked to Corakinus, the Shadowkin leader, and he almost loses her. Then when they are all trapped together by an alien prisoner and forced to make confessions, he confesses his love for her...only for her to say that she doesn't really feel the same way. The finale has him losing both his father and April as the Shadowkin attack Earth. However, April isn't so much dead as she is trapped in Corakinus's body.
    • April just wanted to set up a dance. Instead, she gets her heart linked to Corakinus, so if he dies, so does she. She has a run-in with her father who nearly killed her and crippled her mother in an aborted murder-suicide attempt. Her anger towards him only serves to strengthen the link with Corakinus, and that leads to a showdown where she nearly becomes a murderer. Later on, she gets trapped with a prisoner, who forces her to confess that her feelings for Ram aren't as strong as his are her, breaking his heart. When the Shadowkin come, she finally confesses her love for Ram, only to have to sacrifice herself to stop them. Now, she is stuck in Corakinus's body.
    • Charlie lost his home and people to the Shadow Kin, and is now forced to live in a world where he is a complete outcast with limited knowledge of pop culture. His enemy, Quill, is his only companion, and she plans to screw him over/kill him once she is free from him. He is terrified of losing his boyfriend, Matteusz, if he uses the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadowkin. During the episode when they are all trapped together, he learns that Tanya and Ram have low and nasty opinions of him, and is forced to confess his desire to kill the Shadowkin. Once the Shadowkin attack, Tanya and a now free Quill try to force him to use the Cabinet. But it's April who gets him to do so, killing her in the process. Charlie nearly dies, but is saved by Quill. Now,a completely destroyed Charlie has to live with the fact that his people are truly gone, he has committed genocide and may no longer have Matteusz as a result, and that April is stuck inside Corakinus.
    • Matteusz has been kicked out by his parents for dating a man (Charlie). He fears that Charlie may do something like use the Cabinet to kill, and even admits this later on. When he and Charlie try to work things out, the Shadow Kin attack and Charlie uses the Cabinet, ending their relationship.
    • Tanya lost her father two years prior, and on the anniversary of his death, an alien taking on his shape comes to her in the hopes of taking her grief and therefore, her life. Later on, she reveals her belief that she is The Friend Nobody Likes. Everyone denies that, but she later starts arguments with both Charlie and April that also reveal her hidden resentments towards the group. After that, she avoids everyone and tells her mother that they are not her friends. Seconds after her mom comforts her, she is killed by the Shadowkin, completely destroying Tanya.


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