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Recap / Class (2016)

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Recaps for Class, the 2016 Spin-Off of Doctor Who.

These recap pages (especially the one for the finale!) contain unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

    Series 1
"You can't seriously expect these juveniles to deal with whatever is going to come through these tears in space and time?"
Miss Quill

A group of students and their prickly teacher at Coal Hill School are tasked with protecting people from the things that might come through the space-time rifts that tend to open at the school.

  1. "For Tonight We Might Die"
  2. "The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo"
  3. "Nightvisiting"
  4. "Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Part 1)
  5. "Brave-ish Heart" (Part 2)
  6. "Detained"
  7. "The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did"
  8. "The Lost"



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