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Headscratchers / Class (2016)

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    "For Tonight We Might Die" 
  • So isn't Charlie supposed to be dead? Isn't the whole point of the gun that it kills whoever fires it?
    • Actually it was mentioned that the gun needs to kill both the wielder and the target, because the Shadow Kin cannot be killed in Shadow form without the person they're attached to also dying, presumably as the Shadow Kin were fully in solid form, the gun didn't need to kill the leader to harm them. Of course, it's also possible that Charlie knew how to switch the settings on the gun and the others didn't or it's simply a different gun, after all we only have Miss Quill and Charlie's account on what they brought with them and with the whole thing with the Cabinet of Souls that account is quite suspect.
    • Or it's the same gun and the "kill both user & target" thing is the Charge Shot (note the vine that goes around the users wrist)
    • Miss Quill says prior to the invasion of the Shadow Kin at prom that the gun is safe for Charlie. Not to mention, since the shadow hasn't attached to his shadow, it's likely he doesn't need to kill himself as well.
  • At one point, April tries to make everyone leave by shouting, "There's a fire!". Why didn't she just pull the fire alarm?
    • She was panicking, it's very likely that she wasn't thinking straight.

    "The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo" 
  • The episode establishes through on-screen dates that the series begins in the fall of 2016 (with this episode specifically taking place in late October 2016). However, the 2014 Doctor Who episode, "In the Forest of the Night" is stated in dialogue as taking place in 2016. This causes a problem with Class' chronology: the subsequent events of the parent series - including an episode set at Christmas 2016 and a storyline taking place an unknown number of months later with Clara still teaching at an un-upgraded Coal Hill School (not Academy) - take events well into 2017, if not beyond, given Clara's death also has to be factored in. Having Class Series 1 begin in the fall of 2016 is at odds with this established timeline.

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