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  • Regina Lampert: Of course, you won't be able to lie on your back for a while, but then you can lie from any position, can't you?
  • Reggie's seductions of Cary Grant's character are both sexy and hilarious. On his constant spurning: "This is a ludicrous situation—I can think of a dozen men who are just longing to use my shower...!"
  • This exchange:
    Cary Grant: Reggie, cut it out.
    Reggie Lampert: OK. [stops kissing him]
    Cary Grant: Well now what are you doing?
    Reggie Lampert: Cutting it out.
    Cary Grant: Who told you to do that?
    Reggie Lampert: You did!
    Cary Grant: Oh, I'm not through protesting yet.
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  • The expression Cary Grant displays to Reggie at the start of their final conversation in the embassy, when she finally learns who he really is.
  • This:
    Cary Grant: Heroin.
    (Regina lights up with an "I knew it!" look)
    Cary Grant: Peppermint-flavored heroin.
    (Regina deflates)
  • Reggie and Jean-Louis discovering Scobie's spare hand in his suitcase.
    • When they first find it, thinking it has money inside.
    Jean-Louis: I found it! I found it!
    Reggie: If you think you're getting credit for this, you're crazy.
    • Tex's disgust upon finding out it's only Scobie's spare.
  • The discovery of the dead Scobie.
    Tex: Well, maybe now him and his other hand will meet up some place.
  • Reggie's eyes going wide when, just after she's informed that Peter is really someone named Dyle who's also seeking the lost money, he gives her a comforting hug and tells her he's moved into the room next to hers.
  • During a game where men and women have to pass an orange between each other using only their chins and necks, Regina gets spooked by Gideon and kicks him so hard that the orange remains stuck under his chin.
    Gideon: [In obvious pain] Forgive me; it was quite unintentional, I'm sure...
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  • "Peter Joshua" opens the phone booth to see Regina. ...Regina screams for seemingly no reason.
    Peter Joshua: What are you doing in here?
    Reggie Lampert: I'm having a nervous breakdown.
  • "Oh, I hope all our children are boys so I can name them after you!" Regina, in reference to the ridiculous amount of pseudonyms Brian Cruikshank uses throughout the film.


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