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  • In the middle of an argument, Ellie abruptly invites DI Hardy to dinner, her house, pick a night. You ask the boss to work, she doesn't like it but it's what people do. Hardy looks like he's been hit in the head with a brick. His panic when told you don't talk about work is wonderful:
    Hardy: What will we talk about?
    Ellie: I don't know! Just say yes.
    Hardy: ...Yeah.
    Ellie: Thank you! Bloody hell!
    [Hardy walks away]
    Ellie: ...Knob.
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  • The yes is less of a 'yeah' and more of a vague sound of consent.
  • ...And then later he shows up with a bottle of wine. And flowers. And chocolates.
    Hardy: Wasn't sure what I should choose, so I just got them all.
  • Ellie threatens a Groin Attack on the reporters harassing the Latimers, and then tells a delighted Tom, "You did not just hear that."
  • Hardy tries to comfort Ellie, who is hiding in the ladies' toilet. How does he get inside? By putting a cleaning in progress sign outside and chasing off anyone else looking to come in. Becomes a brick joke when Ellie stumbles over the sign as she storms off and Hardy cringes.
  • A fun fair opens right behind Hardy's house, which he didn't know would happen because the rental company forgot to mention it. His irritation does nothing to discourage Ellie's gleeful teasing.