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Heartwarming / Broadchurch

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  • All of Hardy's interaction with his daughter counts, especially the way his face lights up when talking to her over the phone.
  • Before going to arrest the killer, Hardy compliments Ellie for doing a good job. Considering that he already suspected the identity of the killer, it is likely he was trying to be nice before the revelation.
  • When telling that Joe is the killer, Hardy does his best to soften the blow for Ellie. Then he wastes no time in arranging matters so the rest of her family could be safe, and makes sure that her co-workers at the station know she is innocent and will need every support they can give.
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  • Hardy pushing Fred's trolley while walking with Ellie in Series 2. Also, Ellie apparently calls him 'Uncle Alec' while talking to Fred.
  • Tess acknowledging that Alec is a good man for taking the heat for her.
  • After the Sandbrook case is solved, Ellie tells Hardy that he was wrong about everyone being alone in the end. This mirrors the conversation they had at the beginning of Series 2. Hardy was the one to tell Ellie she isn't alone and Ellie retorted that she was.