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Drinking Game / Broadchurch

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  • Take a sip whenever a scene plays out in slow motion.
    • Take two if it involves Scenery Porn.
    • Take three if it's a flashback.
  • Take a sip when someone lies.
  • If someone goes wobbly-eyed, take a sip.
    • Take two if they actually cry.
    • If it's Ellie, take three and join in.
  • Take a shot whenever Alec Hardy expresses hatred, dislike or distaste for something.
  • If his heart trouble crops up, take two.
  • Take a shot whenever someone stands around looking ominous and/or like they're planning a murder.
    • If it's Lee Ashworth, finish your drink.
  • When a lawyer does something that makes you shout at the screen, finish your drink and pour yourself another. It's going to be a long ride.
  • Take a drink whenever you see someone from Doctor Who. (Warning: as a renowned British drama, this is the entire cast.)
    • Take two if they have played the Doctor.
  • Take a drink whenever someone stands broodingly on the beach.
    • Take two if it's not Alec Hardy.

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