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Season 1

  • From the Pilot episode, there's Abbi running into Jeremy the first time. Suddenly, we see things from her perspective, and everything slows down, with the voices of both her and Jeremy following suit.
    • The first conversation between Abbi and Ilana is revealed to be going on as Ilana is having sex with Lincoln. Doubly funny as Lincoln is extremely casual about the whole thing.
    • Lincoln asks Ilana about what the status of their relationship. When she mentions that it's primarily physical, he responds:
      Lincoln How does this keep happening to me?
    • Later, when Abbi and Ilana are having trouble gathering attention to their drumming in their park, we see Lincoln taking to an uninterested woman sitting next to him about how the girls will do well with time.
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    • Fred Armisen as David:
      David: I'm a little baby. I have no money.
      • Abbi and Ilana's reaction when he refuses to break character and pay them is to go from cleaning the apartment in their underwear, as proposed in their ad, to throwing things on the floor. David seems to be enjoying himself either way, and just stands back and smiles as they make a mess of his apartment; He doesn't even seem to care when they steal a fur coat from his coat rack in lieu of payment.
      • Immediately after Abbi and Ilana leave his place (and after David soils himself), he takes a phone call and resumes a normal adult voice, asking whether a flight was delayed.
  • "Pu$$y Weed"
    • Abbi and Bevers' "Bed, Bath, and Beyond" argument:
      Abbi: Yeah, dude, they sell LOTS of stuff!
    • The title comes from Ilana apparently choosing to smuggle her bags of pot in... well, you get the idea.
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    • "Taxes pay for the gayest stuff."
    • Abbi trying to negotiate weed from people at Washington Square Park. Right down to someone mistaking her for a dealer.
    • When Abbi finally manages to get some pot from a young kid (who also happens to be dressed in business attire).
      Abbi: I'm really sorry I called you Alex P. Keaton.
      Kid: I have no idea who that is.
    • Lincoln and Ilana talk on the phone... while Lincoln is overlooking a kid during a dentistry procedure.
      Lincoln: You know, since we're being honest, I want to share with you that I have... prosthetic balls.
      'Ilana: What?!
      Lincoln: I'm just messing with you. (Deep laughter)
    • The conversation with the CPA, who proceeds to grow steadily angrier and more annoyed with Ilana and Abbi as it goes along.
    • Abbi getting so high that she starts talking to herself in the mirror.
  • "Hurricane Wanda"
    • The Cold Open has a series of dreams within a dream, all ending with Ilana waking up at work... at 5 PM.
    • During the hurricane, Jaime's confessions, including that he secretly named his childhood pet turtle the N-word.
  • "The Last Supper." Ilana refuses to leave the restaurant to get treatment so she won't ruin Abbi's birthday dinner, despite an allergic reaction to shellfish. Even the cordial and polite waiter sees her face and utters "...ew."

Season 2

  • Abbi, after realizing that Bevers has finally left the apartment for the day, starts running around naked while lip-synching to Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory".

  • "Wisdom Teeth"
    • What Ilana tells Abbi as she is about to have her wisdom teeth taken out.
      Ilana: Bye Abbi! I'll see you when you wake up, and if you don't wake up I'll still see you, cause I'm gonna kill myself and meet you in heaven or whatever.
    • Abbi's hallucination of a giant talking version of her plushie (Bingo Bronson) and their trip to Whole Foods.
      Bingo Bronson: Oooh earth-friendly cereals. Knock'em over Abbi! They want to be on the ground.
    • Lincoln's reaction to the make-over Ilana gave to the drugged out Abbi.

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