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Heartwarming / Broad City

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  • So much about Abbi and Ilana's friendship. It's clear that they would go through hell and back just to make each other happy.
    • The fact that this show doesn't emphasize female on female competitiveness or cattiness. This is a show where women express appreciation for other womens' beauty without putting themselves down or being threatened and where any woman can be "a goddess".
  • Ilana buying Abbi's illustration at the end of "The Lockout". She holds it in bed that night.
  • In "The Last Supper", An adreneline-charged Abbi carrying an allergy-swollen Ilana out of the restaurant. Doubles as a CMOF.
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  • In "Stolen Phone", Illana's reaction to seeing Abbi after worrying about her not picking up her phone all morning (also counts, along with her reaction to Abbi not picking up her phone, as a Tear Jerker).

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