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  • Live album The Mark, Tom & Travis Show. The between-song banter on this album is so infectiously stupid, they even go so far as to throw together a long string of these moments as a series of hidden tracks. Listening to Mark & Tom at the height of their initial breakthrough, throwing out as many dick jokes as humanly possible in one show (actually, two) is something to behold.
    • A killer one in particular happening during Australia's Big Day Out:
    Mark: Well I gotta say, on the whole, Australia really kicks the shit out of New Zealand.
    Mark: I don't understand why you guys don't go bomb those fuckers.
    Tom: Excuse me, Mark, may I for a second? There's actually quite a good little Italian restaurant down in Auckland that we should keep. I thought we'd keep that Italian joint because it's hard to find good spaghetti these days.
  • And speaking of infectiously stupid, the video for "All The Small Things" is a parody of (mostly boy band) music videos around the Turn of the Millennium. Still a riot all these years later.
  • Of course, the music video for "What's My Age Again?" deserves a mention, with the three bandmates running through the streets of L.A. butt-naked and crashing into TV commercials and news programs. They only stop when they meet porn actress Janine Lindemulder, who appears in the cover art for Enema of the State.
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  • Everything off of the MTV Album Launch, the most famous being how Tom and Mark troll the executives of Geffen and their manager.
  • The band used Kat McSnatch's "You Are A Cunt" as the opening background song for their 2014 shows. At one show, Tom does a small dance while the song plays in the background.
  • During one interview, Tom and Mark each wrote letters to each other. What did they say:
    "Tom is Gay"
    "Mark fucks dogs"
  • Leave It To blink-182.
  • The Epic Rocking of Built This Pool
  • Admit it, it's a little funny that the band got caught up in the Fyre Festival fiasco. They ended up pulling out of the show because the promoters couldn't fulfill their contract rider, but still advertised as if they were going to perform as scheduled. Even though they never played, it still took them months to get their equipment out of customs.

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