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  • A fan wrote to them shortly before committing suicide. Touched by the fan, they wrote 'Adam's Song' in memory of him.
  • During the Reunion Tour, if not at all shows, the three band members hugged.
  • Also serving as a Tear Jerker, Mark asking for a moment of silence during a Connecticut show after the band learned of Adam Goldstein (DJ AM)'s passing.
  • When Travis was in the hospital, Tom went to go see how he was, which resulted with the three making up.
  • Despite his departure, Tom pretty much stated on Twitter that he still considers Mark his best friend, saying he loves him so much, insisting he wants his friend to be happy. Hits Tear Jerker territory when Mark hasn't returned these feelings back.
    • Despite how much of a jerk he's appeared as, Mark telling in interviews that he hopes Tom's new choices will make him happy really tugs the heartstrings.
  • Mark and Travis's love for Matt Skiba is really something to marvel at, especially when introducing him at a show.
  • Recently, when the band announced their new album California, Tom gave his own thoughts and said he was on speaking terms again with Travis (although with Mark it isn't known), and hopes the best for the band.
    • Makes it more heartwarming when Travis did indeed confirm this in the interview, solidifying Mark, Travis, and Tom at least are on better speaking terms than last time.
  • Travis sharing memories that he and Tom used to get stoned and walk around the woods looking for Bigfoot. Even if he doesn't agree with what Tom's decided to do with his life, he's happy his friend is doing something he loves.
  • "First Date" is Adorkable incarnate. Who hasn't gone on a date like this?

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