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Funny / Bless the Harts

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     Miracle On Culpepper Slims Boulevard 
  • Drivers promptly freaking out upon some innocent flurries.
  • Violet acting out gruesome scenes using Louise’s mini-town.

     Tying The Not 
  • The Running Gag of Betty and Crystalynn sneaking into each other’s houses.
  • Betty, trying to figure out the validity on Crystalynn’s story about the Grits Bag Strangler, comes up with a Conspiracy Wall. After putting up some pictures and unwinding some red thread, the end result is just Crystalynn’s picture connected to a post-it that reads “LIAR”
  • Later, when Violet says that the Grits Bag Strangler is at a nearby penitentiary, Betty wasted no time leaving.


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