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You're History

A Bridge Too Weak

Misplaced Weekend

  • Blaster and GC realize Dr. Dabble is the one who stole the weekend. MEL shows a montage of all the evil things Dabble has done.
    MEL: (over a video) You will recall the time he turned all the water on Planet Oceans-11 into rubber.
    GC: (over a video) And it was Dr. Dabble who played ring toss with Saturn's rings.
    Blaster: (over a video) But we beat him at his own devious dabbling every time!
    (a video of a poodle on a beach, wearing a bikini, shows up)
    MEL: (blushing) Oops... How did that get in there?
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  • When they confront Dr. Dabble, he reveals he threw the weekend in the garbage.
    GC: I'll bet he didn't even put it in the recycling box!
    Dabble: I did too! I recycle like any good environmentally friendly villain! (realizing he just revealed where he put the weekend) Oops...

A Spot of Trouble

  • Blaster and GC have installed various upgrades into MEL without letting each other know.
    (MEL shoots the ceiling with a laser beam and shoots through the ceiling)
    GC: Blaster... Since when does MEL have a laser cannon?
    Blaster: (sheepishly) I thought it might come in handy.
    (MEL blasts away at warp speed)
    Blaster: He's gone sub-space! Since when could he do that?
    GC: (mockingly) I thought it might come in handy.
    Blaster: Way to go, Geece.
    GC: Way to go yourself, Blaster. (blows raspberry)

Uncool Copycat

Mind Over Manners


Body Eclectic

Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sound Advice

Math Schmath

Nowhere to Hide

Gym Nausium

Buggin' Out


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