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Avengers Arena might be a very dark series, but it still has it's moments of levity.

  • X-23 is part of one of the few genuinely hilarious moments: As Chase transforms into Darkhawk to take on Apex after he overhears her plans to use the Sentinel and Deathlocket to kill the rest of the kids, he begins to psych himself up for the fight with a Rousing Speech just as Laura runs past...
    Chase: Darkhawk is—
    Laura: (runs past and yells at him without breaking stride) Stay!
    Chase: —staying put!
  • Issue #11:
    • Hazmat provides a few early on teasing Reptil for trying to get as close as possible while she's out of her suit wearing just her underwear.
    • She also declares a shark steak dance party when Reptil catches a great white for them to eat.
    • When a group including X-23 drops onto the beach Hazmat and Reptil are on everyone is momentarily scared she's still under the effects of her Trigger Scent, when they realize she's not Hazmat declares Laura not being uncontrollably homicidal towards them wins her a hug.
  • In the outside issue, Captain Britain relays a story to Hank Pym, that during the same time Pete Wisdom and Union Jack went on a pub crawl that ended with them introducing karaoke to the Savage Land and returning a week later. Which could probably qualify for one of the funniest Marvel adventures not shown on panel.

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