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Fridge / Avengers Arena

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Fridge Logic:

  • So Arcade is smart enough to bypass security on Avengers Academy (which was probably designed by one or several of the smartest men on the planet), kidnap a kid literally in the front of woman in charge of organization that makes S.H.I.E.L.D. looks like a post office, kidnap two people who are close friends with one of the most advanced cyborgs on the planet and avoid getting caught for we don't how long, yet he isn't smart enough to check if the guy wants in his game of teenagers killing each other is actually a teenager?
  • Kati/Tim's EMP not effecting any of the technology of Murderworld or that a technopath is completely unaware of these machines running strains credibility.
    • Possibly explained by the fact that Katie wanted to win, not escape.

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