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Funny / As Good as It Gets

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  • This exchange:
    "Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend?!"
    "Everyone wants that, dear. It doesn't exist."
  • "How do you write women so well?" "I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability."
    • Made twice as funny when you take into account that this was an actual reply from John Updike when he was asked the same question.
  • Simon's dead-on Jack Nicholson impression.
  • Melvin stealing Frank's Scary Black Man routine when dealing with a cop. While Frank is less than twenty feet up the hallway, and grinning as he watches.
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  • Spencer gives the doctor who visits glowing praise. "I'm an expert on doctors!"
  • "You are not still writing that thank you letter!" "I'm on the last page!"
  • Melvin introducing Carol to Simon: "Carol the waitress, Simon the fag." Not to mention Carol and Simon both taking it in stride.

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