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  • The entire sequence near the beginning prior to the introduction of Michael, where we see the terrorists in the middle of what can best be described as Blazing Saddles in IRAQ.
    Aziz: Mohammed!
    Entire cell: (Leaping up) YES, SIR!
    (He waves at them to get down, which they do.)
    Ahmed: They're all named Mohammed, sir....
    Aziz: Yes...yes of course. I must remember to use last names. (Beat) Hussein!
    Entire cell: (Leaping up) YES, SIR!
    • The poor shmuck who volunteered for the task of "messenger duty".
    "Oh, yeah! Allah will stop me!"
    • When Ahmed tries to get Aziz to look on the bright side.
    Ahmed: We have at least...destroyed an infidel's car...!
    Aziz: ...That was my car.
  • The woman who says "I gave up an ass lift for this?"
    • "Just like in 1968!"
    • The extended version in the deleted scenes is even better.
  • "They're not people, they're the ACLU!"
  • The second Bill O'Reilly cameo during the rally.
    Michael: Hey, wait a minute, you're not a ghost!
    Bill O'Reilly: I know, I just enjoy slapping you.
  • And remember people. You do NOT want to mess with the Angel of Death.
    Michael: I always stood up for gay rights!
    Angel of Death: (rolls his eyes) I am the angel of freakin' death, you turdhead.
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  • Michael waking up and going to the concert to find Trace Adkins is starring.
    Michael: The Angel of Death is headlining?!
  • "I can't believe I lent Fayed my back pack..."
    • Also, Aziz of all people "Fly a subway into a building...hmm."
    • The way Ahmed rolls his eyes is what sells it.
  • When the ACLU zombies help the two suicide bombers get past security, the female in the back drops this.
  • The Leslie Nielsen cameo in the story.
    "I don't do documentaries."
  • When Michael compares his facing a potential angry mob in order to find Aziz to something Stalin would do.
    Mohamed: Stalin?
    Ahmed: The mentor of Oprah.
    Mohamed: Oh.


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