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Warning! As per Moments page policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.

Heart World

  • As soon as Shin appears at the beginning of his route, he kisses the heroine. Orion quickly apologizes and cuts the shared link, looking away... while the same kiss is still going on.
    Orion: How long is he planning on kissing you?
  • Shin knows the heroine has lost her memories and does a practice-run at her home on her duties for the café. He also invites Toma over because he wants someone trustworthy to know about her condition. When the heroine pulls off her lines of being a maid-servant well, the two make it clear that they really don't mind her maid persona.
    Shin: Hey, Toma... this is bad, isn't it?
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  • That ridiculous rock-paper-scissors game Shin, Toma and the heroine play in the park. It's a game from their childhood days, where the winner smacks the loser over the head with a rolled up newspaper. This even turned into a mini-game on the title screen.

Spade World

  • Kent appears and Ikki tells the heroine to stand back. The two of them engage in verbal combat, with Kent saying he has prepared the ultimate weapon...! The heroine throws herself between the two, thinking Ikki is in danger. No, Kent just finished creating a difficult math puzzle for Ikki to solve.
  • When Kent and the heroine talk, Kent's bluntness and harsh words rub Orion the wrong way. Ikki returns with drinks and says that it looks like they are getting along fine.
    Kent and Orion: In what way?
  • Ikki wears a full-face mask when rushing to the sick heroine's side. It looks goofy, to say the least. And then there is also how Toma and he react to each other upon meeting: Ikki worries who this young man in his girlfriend's apartment is and Toma is stumped about who this masked dude even is.

Clover World

  • Kent walking into a lightpole while deep in thought.
  • Orion wonders about the relationship between the heroine and Kent. When it becomes clear that Kent goes to a different university than the heroine, Orion sounds disappointed that it isn't a forbidden teacher-student relationship.
  • Just like when Kent appeared in Ikki's route, Ikki's appearance is just as over-the-top. He ambushes Kent from behind and asks if he has any last words to provide his family with. In reality, he's here to hand over a finished math puzzle.
  • One of his reply-messages has Kent admit that he was so surprised by the heroine's message that he dropped his phone and stepped on it.
  • Kent gets jealous of Ikki casually ruffling the heroine's hair, then does it himself in a rough matter. While insisting that this isn't a narrow-minded, jealous reaction.

Diamond World

  • Toma goes shopping with the heroine... including the lingerie store. He planned to go somewhere else while she's in there, but the employee pulls him in. And begins to have the heroine model several pieces, telling Toma about the various specials going on and insisting that he keep looking.
  • Orion opens up one day while talking like a reporter, mentioning the time of day and Toma currently being asleep. The player can even lampshade his talking like that.

Joker World

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