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Tear Jerker / Amnesia: Memories

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Warning! As per Moments page policy, all spoilers will be unmarked.

Heart World
It's all been my fault, from the very start.

  • The path for his Good Ending devolves into several tearjerkers.
    • The heroine unlocks her final memory and it shows that the one who injured her was Toma, whom she had mistaken for Shin at the time. And realizing that her good childhood friend has hurt her in a fit of jealousy, which ends up breaking the long-time trust they had built.
    • Providing the page-image, Shin crying alongside the heroine after Toma turns himself in to the police. He apologizes and blames himself for everything, saying that he didn't consider any consequences from confessing to the heroine and starting to date her. He wonders if, had he stopped and talked with Toma about wanting to date the heroine, he could have avoided everything.


Spade World

  • Ikki's cold behavior towards the heroine in public. While it makes sense because he's trying to protect the heroine from his jealous fanclub by pretending to not consider their relationship more important than previous ones, it can be difficult to have to deal with.
  • Ikki revealing how much his hypnotic gaze has cost him. Ever since he got this little 'condition', he cannot hold down any type of normal relationship. Men tend to hate him out of jealousy because he can easily get any woman, and refuse to believe that it's because of something that he can't help. And women will always fall in love with him upon meeting his eyes, meaning he can't have anything non-romantic with them. Kent is his only friend, and even he can't believe Ikki's 'condition' because it goes against his rational view of the world. On the trip to Shinano, Ikki can even admit that he's saddened that he can't even go and play a fun round of cards with other people.
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  • The Normal Ending Are you free this weekend?. The heroine can't afford to live on her own and chooses to not move in with Ikki, and so has to move back in with her family. Ikki sees her off, but makes it clear that any further continuation of their relationship will be in her hands because he knows that it would be pointless to keep trying to win her over since she's made her choice. And that a long-distance relationship will result in their feelings turning sour, anyway.
    Ikki: Maybe we'll meet again. ...I really loved you.
  • His 1st Bad Ending Not bad, God. Realizing that the heroine has been hiding her amnesia, Ikki is hurt over the lack of trust she shows him and tries to scare her, claiming that their relationship had been a very physical one and that he's ready to 'make her remember'. As the heroine is terrified, Ikki tells her to just go. After she's gone, Ikki wonders if this is a horrible prank by the gods because he had tried to find happiness.
  • His 3rd Bad Ending I wanted us to live together. The heroine and Ikki break up because she's moving back in with her family. Ikki has invited Kent over and is pouring his heart out to him while drinking heavily.
    Ikki: It took me TEN years to finally find her. How long will I have to wait for the next chance?

Clover World

  • When Kent learns that the heroine has amnesia, he almost breaks down and admits that he'd much prefer if she didn't regain her memories. He admits to how much happier their relationship is compared to before and how scared he is that it'll go back to that if she remembers.
  • The heroine had a pet dog called Kuro. ...there is no dog in her home. Shortly after she started dating Kent, Kuro got loose from his frayed leash and ran off, getting hit by a car. The heroine was heartbroken over this, and Kent's rational world-view only hurt her more.
  • The Normal Ending I want to see you. Kent heads off to study abroad, with the heroine promising to wait for his return and staying in contact via text-messages or phone-calls. Shortly after, the heroine gets home and gets a message.
    I want to see you.

Diamond World

  • The reveal of Toma's true colors. Especially since Toma has been her friend since childhood days and an older brother figure for her, breaking the trust she had in him for years. And then taking advantage of the fact that she had no memories, making her much more vulnerable and easier to manipulate.

Joker World

  • Ukyo's entire existence. Wishing that he could save the heroine from her fated death, Ukyo was allowed to travel to alternate universes to keep her safe and be together with her again. Unfortunately, the universe considers the heroine's existence to be an anomaly that needs fixing and keeps putting her into mortal danger, and keeping her alive can be difficult. And when she does manage to live past her original death-date of August 25th, the target gets set onto Ukyo and he will need to die because they can't exist in the same universe. Poor guy has been forced to see the heroine die over and over or having to die himself, so she can continue to live. But as this doesn't fulfill his entire wish, Ukyo comes back to life and goes to the next universe, only to repeat that process.
    • And that is only the tip of the ice berg. Since he has seen her dying so many times and had to die himself, Ukyo has started going insane, and it manifests itself into a murderous split-personality. This side of Ukyo has reached his limit and has become sick and tired of having to die, just so the heroine can keep living. And he has started meddling in the heroine's life, often being the one to kill her in various Bad Endings. Ukyo is aware of this side of his and tries desperately to keep away from the heroine as much as possible because he knows that he'll be a danger to her... but keeps seeing her because, after all, he still loves her and wants to see her.
  • There's also the Joker World itself. It's the 'universe of origin' for Ukyo and the heroine. And in its original timeline, Ukyo and the heroine started dating near the end of July. On August 1st, the heroine got caught up in an explosion and fire in her university's science department and ended up in a coma. On August 25th, she succumbed to her injuries and died.
    • Ukyo revealing near the end of his route that Lord Nhil's powers have waned significantly over the course of time. Lord Nhil used the last piece of power he had to simply rewind the time of the original Joker World, hoping that this would actually work to give Ukyo a chance to get close to the heroine. And Ukyo admits that this is the last jump, the last chance he has. There is no more re-doing things if he fails.
  • The heroine choosing to sacrifice herself and let Ukyo kill her, if it means that he can continue to live. Saying that he has died so many times for her continued survival, she will gladly die for him this time.
    • Ukyo winning over his evil side and choosing to kill himself.
  • The Normal Ending. The heroine survives and there's a little celebratory party at the café. But Ukyo has died, and his entire existence has been removed from her memory. However, Waka still knows Ukyo and asks about him, but the heroine can't remember... and then suddenly bursts into tears, unable to explain it to herself.

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