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It's an otome game, obviously it will give the player warm, fuzzy feelings.

Note: Due to Amnesia: Later's After Stories taking place after the previous game's Good Endings, all examples pertaining to Amnesia: Later will have unmarked spoilers.

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     Amnesia: Memories 

Heart World

  • After only a few minutes in her presence, Shin realizes that the heroine has lost her memories and chooses to take her to places that might help trigger something. This includes the café she works at, and the university's band clubroom, of which she's a member.
  • Everyone at the café is convinced that Shin would never purposefully hurt the heroine. And they agree to head back to Shinano for a trip to re-enact the scene of the night of the heroine's accident. They also look for evidence that proves Shin's innocence.
  • Shin knows that his revelations and confronting Toma about having injured her will hurt the heroine, and he promises to do anything she wants for the day. No matter what or how embarrassing he might find it, he will do it to make her happy.

Spade World

  • Ikki's much more affectionate behavior towards the heroine when they are alone.
  • While it's odd, Ikki admits that he's nice to his fanclub and cold to the heroine in public because he knows that, if he did neither, it would result in the heroine getting harrassed by the fanclub.
  • Upon hearing that the heroine is sick, Ikki dons a full-face mask to make sure that no fanclub member or smitten woman somehow slows him down from getting to her side.
  • Despite being a bit clumsy about it, Ikki offering to fulfill a wish of the heroine's or taking her to see a movie, as an apology for making her wait when they had plans.
  • Ikki standing up to the heroine's father, politely informing him that his pre-conceived ideas about him are wrong. That he's more than capable of financially supporting himself and the heroine.
  • In his Good Ending, Ikki tells off his fanclub for sabotaging his previous relationships and makes it clear that he loves the heroine. He even kisses her in public, which he has avoided doing for a long time.

Clover World

  • Kent's moments of trying to approach the heroine on a more emotional level.
    • He's very embarrassed about it, but Kent gives her a cake as a half-month anniversary gift, and hoping to surprise her with it. He's pleased to learn that he managed that.
    • Admitting that he wanted to hold hands with the heroine, but his rational ways stopped him because he couldn't think of an excuse to do so. And when the heroine agrees to holding hands, Kent goes further and openly tells her that he likes her.
      • Additionally, Kent confined in Ikki about his feelings, and was told to tell them to the heroine. As much as their personalities or views on romance differ, Ikki didn't mock his friend.
    • When reading up on relationships, Kent heard that handmade gifts are generally more appreciated than bought things. And, goofy as he is, Kent made a book full of math exercises for the heroine.
  • Kent being concerned about his mother walking around while sick.
  • His Good Ending has Kent choose to re-apply for the study abroad, and having the heroine work on joining him. And there's even a CG of Kent proposing eventual marriage to her.

Diamond World

  • Upon seeing him, the heroine regains a memory of Toma. This memory is so important to her, it pushed Orion out enough to turn him invisible to her.
  • Toma protecting the heroine from the harassment of Ikki's fanclub, which includes cleaning her mailbox from rotting eggs and weird condiment mixtures, deleting insulting e-mails, and those of men that were given the heroine's information for meeting up.
  • A flashback shows a young heroine in kindergarten, crying because she couldn't fall asleep without Toma nearby. He came in and asked if he could take his naptime with the heroine's group, and sleeping next to each other.

Joker World

  • The heroine finds Ukyo sleeping outside again. Orion remembers how violent Ukyo can be when he wakes up, and he suggests the heroine get away... only for Ukyo to wake up, see the heroine, and embrace her. He was dreaming of losing the heroine, and was happy to wake up and see her right next to him.
  • Ukyo spends the night at the heroine's, but handcuffs himself to the bed leg, to prevent himself from doing anything to her. The heroine trusts him and unlocks the handcuff, leading to Ukyo holding her close. She ends up sleeping against his shoulder.
  • The heroine offers Ukyo to kill her, if it means that he'll keep on living, and saying that she wants to die for him because he's done it so many times for her. And Ukyo overpowers his other side, choosing to kill himself instead of harming the heroine anymore.
  • His Good Ending has Ukyo and the heroine happy together. Lord Nhil and Orion have been reincarnated as humans, too.

     Amnesia: Later 

New World

  • Orion bursts into tears when the heroine says that he's a big help to her, and that she's glad that he's there and helping her get her memories back. He's especially moved because it's the first time she's called him by his name.
  • When the heroine regains her memories, she realizes that everyone was set on finding fireflies because she had looked so happy about seeing them last year. And everyone made a promise to go watch fireflies with her again.
  • The scenes for each of the boyfriends.
    • Ikki hugs the heroine and laments that she doesn't fall for his eyes, and wonders if his interest in her is curiosity over her immunity or actually love. He asks if the two of them can still see each other when they return from Shinano, and is happy when she agrees.
      Ikki: The coffee will be done in five minutes... can we stay like this until then?
    • Kent apologizes for leaving the heroine in the dark forest around Shinano, and admits that he left because he saw a light that he thought might have been a firefly. He realizes that she's cold and shares his jacket and scarf with her, leading to the two of them cuddling a bit for the sake of warmth.
    • Shin walks around the park to find fireflies, but the heroine asks him to rest for a bit because her leg hurts. He chastises her for not telling him sooner, but has her lean against his shoulder and walks her to his place, where he bandages her injury.
    • Toma agrees to break into the heroine's university, simply because she claimed that she forgot some important notes in one of her classrooms. The two have to hide under a desk, huddled together, to not be found by the night janitor.
    • Ukyo takes the heroine to the riverbank spot, where he saw the fireflies. When the fireflies appear, the heroine regains her memories of having made a promise with Ukyo to see them together. Note the difference! Contrary to every other scene she regains her memories, where she made a promise with everyone, here she made a promise specifically, and only, with Ukyo. He's close to tears when he hears that she remembers.

After Story: Shin

  • The evening of the surprise party.
    • Everyone came together to celebrate the heroine's complete recovery from her injuries.
    • Shin and the heroine hoping that Toma will return soon. Even with the previous events, both want their old childhoodfriend to return.
    • The flashback of the heroine tripping while on the way to the movies with Shin, and him carrying her back home because of her injured ankle. Doubles as an in-universe heartwarming event because this memory is of when the heroine fell in love with Shin, and was something that she couldn't remember up until that point.
  • As embarrassed about it as he is, the heroine feeding Shin at the amusement park.
  • The flashback showing that a young Shin proposed marriage to the heroine as children, and giving her a ring made out of a flower. And Shin asks her to marry him in that same park.
    Shin: It's not a flower ring this time around, but an old ring of my mother's.

After Story: Ikki

  • In general, just how much more openly affectionate Ikki has become to the heroine. Compared to the doubt his interactions gave the heroine in Memories, nothing will stop Ikki from admitting how much he loves the heroine.
  • Every night, Ikki talking sweet nothings into the heroine's ear before going to bed.
  • Rika and the heroine having a heart-to-heart talk, with Rika even saying that she disbanded the original fanclub and started a new one that's about supporting Ikki. The two get on an even standing, with the heroine realizing how much Ikki means as a friend to Rikka, and even forgiving her for what she and the other fangirls did.
  • After being set a photo of what looks like Ikki cuddling and having fun with other women, the heroine quickly writes it off as some bullying attempt by the fangirls. It's clear that, after the stuff they put her through previously, she's not as easily fazed anymore. And she even calmly asks Ikki about the photo, wanting to know his side of the story.
  • The heroine telling Ikki to not hide things from her. She even uses his own words, when she wanted to handle the problems with her father on her own. That the two of them are living together now, which means sharing their burdens. She wants Ikki to tell her everything, to tell her when he's worried, when he's happy, or feeling frustrated. That she wants to be someone to rely on, as he has been for her.
    Ikki: Let's share everything together.
  • The conversation Ikki and the heroine have with her father.
    • Ikki admitting that he's shedding his old image of a playboy, although he knows that this might take some time and could be troublesome because there are still women who think they might have a chance. But that the heroine has accepted him, and even made him stop his life of isolating himself from meaningful relationships.
    • Her father knows that she's an adult, but that she's still young, and he worries that her decisions could end up wrong and causing her a lot of pain. He's just a father, worrying about his daughter.
    • Ikki bluntly dropping the bombshell of planning to marry the heroine once she graduates from college. And even bows to her father, asking him to please let her continue to roomshare with him, intent on doing anything to prove his feelings for her.
    • Her father say that if Ikki ever has an affair, he's taking his daughter straight back home. But he admits that it'll be unlikely to happen. And he even says that, seeing the two of them together, he might treat his wife more seriously now.
  • Ikki saying 'aishiteru' to the heroine. Even if she has difficulty saying it back.
  • The heroine and Ikki getting married.

After Story: Kent

  • Both are more open about their feelings for each other, even if Kent remains a little awkward.
  • Kent napping against the heroine's shoulder, and her falling asleep, too.
  • The heroine admits to feeling a little uneasy because she's worried that her being happy around Kent is just a dream. Kent knows that he can make her feel that way, but thinks of a way to make her feel better.
    Kent: I'm here, aren't I? If you feel uneasy in this moment, then you can re-affirm yourself with me as many times as you want.
  • The heroine plans a surprise party for Kent's birthday. And the two spend a romantic evening together.
  • The heroine looking at all the pages filled with recipes in Kent's notebook, and finding the page on his planned proposal. A little put out that his plans have gone awry, Kent chooses to just use this moment and proposes marriage to the heroine.
  • Kent and the heroine in London. She specifically mentions having studied a ton to improve her grades and her English language skills because she was scared that failing to become an exchange student meant she'll get separated from Kent for a year.

After Story: Toma

  • Rika apologizing for everything that the fanclub members have done to the heroine. The members have apologized online for their harassing messages, and even made a recording that was put online and onto a DVD, where they officially apologize.
  • When the heroine explains she was only getting love advice from Ikki, Rika admits how surprised she is that the heroine didn't fall in love with Ikki. The heroine says that she's been in love with Toma from childhood onward, meaning her love was so strong that it made her immune to Ikki's hypnotic eyes.
  • Rather odd, but Toma saying that he can't allow himself to get into a romantic relationship with the heroine, until he has actually been punished for what he did. He admits everything he did to Shin, who proceeds to punch Toma, and gives him such a dressing down that he's rendered speechless.
  • Shin, Toma, and the heroine enjoying a hot pot dinner together.
  • The heroine tearfully admits that she doesn't want to leave Toma's place, that she loves him, and doesn't want to separate from him after staying for the past few days. Toma admits that he feels the same way, and informally proposes marriage.
  • Toma and the heroine riding the ferris wheel, talking about their upcoming future together. Including Toma seeing a young child in the next gondola, and wondering if that will be them someday: a happy couple, out on a family trip with their children.

After Story: Ukyo

  • Ukyo explains that his place is void of furniture because he travelled a lot for his work, and has been trying to not settle down too much. But he now wants to get his place together and goes furniture shopping with the heroine, so that she can come to visit him.
  • While furniture shopping, he looks into buying matching mugs and says that he wants his place filled with a bunch of matching items for the two of them.
  • Ukyo ends up thinking of himself as being a horrible match for the heroine, wondering why she likes and stays with a guy like him, when there are such better men around her. After listing all the things that make him seem weak and dumb, the heroine cites those all to be things about him that she loves.
  • After the heroine barely sleeps, wondering if Ukyo is seeing someone on the side, she gets to work with red, puffy eyes. Every single guy, and Waka, asks her if she's alright. Even Rika comes in and demands to know who made her cry! And while he isn't aware that his actions are what made her uneasy, Ukyo hears the heroine has been crying, and is ready to hurt anyone that did it.
  • When Ukyo admits to having a split personality, he says that some of his distant behavior has been an attempt to keep her safe from his other self.
  • Orion making a cameo and, under the pretense of having the heroine deliver fertilizer to Ukyo, reminds her that people should not let go of those most important to them. Not only a call-back to Ukyo's Good Ending in Memories, but also a kick for the heroine to not let the other Ukyo's surprising behavior be something to deter her from being with Ukyo.
  • Ukyo telling the heroine everything that happened on August 25th.
    • The heroine accepting it all, and thanking Ukyo for telling her.
    • When the other Ukyo appears, the heroine apologizes for having 'forgotten' about his existence, and everything he has done for her in the other timelines. He tries to mock her for it, and ends up saying that he killed her so often, he admits that it eventually led to him wondering about what a human's life was even worth... and if he, a personality created from such trauma, would count...
    • The heroine embracing the other Ukyo, saying that he's just as much Ukyo as the 'original' Ukyo.
  • Ukyo 'kidnapping' the heroine from the wedding café photoshoot, saying that he loves her. As well as his other self loving her.

Waka-san World

  • His big hero moments of saving the heroine.
    • His war general personality in Spade World has him yell at a customer that was harassing her, and telling the heroine that she should come to him if this happens again. And he also teaches her some self-defense, in case a customer ever grabs her without permission again.
    • His quiet personality in Clover World has him loudly yelling at two drunks that were trying to pick up the heroine. He takes her to the closed café and makes her some tea, making sure that she calms down before going home.
    • His assassin personality in Joker World has him walk the heroine home, though he insists that she walk very close to hi and even suggests she lean her head against his shoulder. All in an attempt to make the two of them appear as lovers because he noticed they were being followed... although their followers turn out to be Shin and Toma.

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