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Nightmare Fuel / Amnesia: Memories

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Don't believe that, since this is an otome game, it will be nothing but sweetness.

  • Several Bad Endings.
    • Spade World Bad Ending #2 — I'll get rid of those who hurt you.
      The heroine gets accosted by Ikki's jealous fangirls in the forest, who have decided to punish her for monopolizing Ikki's attention. It cuts to Ikki in a hospital and talking to who is presumed to be the heroine. She is comatose, and Ikki mentions that she cannot hear him anymore because she's been rendered deaf, and blind, too. Ikki growls that he'll make sure to deal with the ones that did this to her. It's the first time Ikki is shown to be truly angry. And what did those girls do that caused the heroine to become deaf, blind, and fall into a coma?
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    • Diamond World Bad Ending #2 — We'll be together forever.
      The heroine stumbles back to Toma's place after her accident, but runs into him outside. She's too injured to run away and Toma realizes that she managed to get out of the cage and was trying to run away from him. He says he'll make sure to not let this happen again... and it cuts to what seems to be winter time, as Toma comments about the snow falling softly outside of his window, but the heroine likely doesn't notice. He has her stuck in his home, implied to be in a bigger cage now, and chained up. She doesn't remember anything, having lost her sense of self, and she doesn't even react to Orion talking to her. Toma asks her if she even remembers who he is and tells her his name, ready to tell her every day, if she forgets.
      • An extra creepy factor in that ending is that Orion is still merged with the heroine. He cannot leave because she has no stimuli to regain her memories and push him out. So, Orion is stuck and can do nothing but watch the heroine be Toma's prisoner and toy.
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    • Joker World Bad Ending #4 — We'll be together forever.
      Named the same as the Diamond World ending, this ending has Toma take the heroine to his home. She sees a huge blood pool, which Toma says to not worry about. It's not his blood, after all. He took care of things, making sure to punish the girls that threw ink-filled water balloons at her. And then he locks her into a cage...
  • The revelation of what will happen to Ukyo and Lord Nhil, if the latter's powers run out before he can fulfill Ukyo's wish. Both will end up stuck in a void between dimensions, with no escape possible.
  • Toma's route itself can easily become Nightmare Fuel for anybody that knows the twist going into it... or anyone that finds severe bullying from jealous fangirls on one hand and being drugged and imprisoned by a person you love or trust on the other disturbing.

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