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  • All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game": If you've heard of this visual novel, chances are highly likely that one of the first things you learned about it was Toma turning out to be a cage-loving Yandere which is supposed to be a major Reveal in his and Shin's routes.
  • Author's Saving Throw: After the Good Ending for Toma's route had him be easily forgiven, players found this to be a bad way to end things. The first fandisc, Amnesia: Later, shows how the relationship proceeds after the Good Ending of the routes. And with Toma, he reveals that he hasn't forgiven himself for what he's done, and is insistent on getting some form of punishment for what he did. Toma tells Shin everything that he did to the heroine, and Shin gives him two good punches in the face for it and a major speech about it. It avoids the Karma Houdini aspect Toma had originally, appeasing players.
  • Awesome Music
    • Zoetrope by Nagi Yanagi — The opening for the anime.
    • Reverberation by Kaori Oda — The opening for Memories.
    • Eien no Ichibyou (One Second of Eternity) by Kaori — The ending for Later.
  • Critic-Proof: This series was universally panned by critics and anime fans alike, yet Sentai Filmworks decided to give this one an English dub.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: With a heroine clutching an Idiot Ball to her chest in several routesnote , is not given much of a spine in others, and the Bad Endings outweighing the happier ones at a ratio of 3:1, it can be difficult to care about what's going on.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Kent usually is near the bottom of Japanese fan polls, but he's quite popular with western fans.
  • Memetic Mutation: Kawaii uguu cage of love!
  • Misaimed Fandom
    • Some western players believe the boyfriends to be horrible people because they don't realize that the routes work on showing that the boyfriends should not be books judged by their covers. Shin looks like a bad boy, but isn't one. People shrug Ikki off as nothing but a playboy, when he's sick and tired of being one, and really wants to find a meaningful relationship with one person that he can even settle down with.
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    • Kent is considered one of the worst boyfriends because of his lack of social skills and extremely rational view on life, with many players wanting the heroine to just break up with him already. They don't realize that his route is a deconstruction of the Belligerent Sexual Tension trope, as mentioned below.
  • OT3: Ukyo-Heroine-Ukyo.
  • The Scrappy:
    • The heroine can be considered one of the worst otome game protagonists. She has a bland personality, several Bad Endings require her to be too dumb to live, and this just gets exemplified on Toma's route. Especially for Toma's Good Ending, where she easily forgives him.
    • Toma himself can be this for players. Many cite him to be a horribly written yandere character, with little depth to his darker side. Again, him being easily forgiven for his actions makes things more difficult to tolerate.
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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Early on his route, Kent says more than once that the heroine needs to tell him that she doesn't like what he's saying/doing because he can't read her mind. And Kent further works on trying to approach the heroine on a more emotional level, despite this going against his rational and strictly-logical ways. His entire route is basically a deconstruction of the Belligerent Sexual Tension trope because the route reveals that the relationship between the heroine and Kent prior to her memory-loss was doomed to nothing but misery. The two were incapable of talking to each other without ending up arguing. And it shows that open communication between a couple, and trying to find a decent balance even between the most opposite of personalities, is important for a functioning relationship.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Heroine and Orion trying to justify Toma's yandereness, even after locking her up in a cage. "He did all this to protect me?..." "Yeah, it's strange, but he can't help that his feelings are too strong!"
  • What an Idiot!: Seriously, Heroine, if you just found out that the guy you are living with has been drugging you for days in Yandere-like fashion, don't hesitate about escaping. Get out of there! Also, if you manage to retrieve your cell phone and the guy who locked you up in a cage is out of the room, call for help right away instead of wasting the last of your phone's battery checking your messages!
  • Why Would Anyone Take Him Back?: The so-called Good Ending for Toma's route feels like this to most players. His route involves him stealing the charging cable for the heroine's laptop, so that she can't check her messages, drugging her for several days to keep her at his home, and eventually going so far as to reveal his full Yandere personality by locking the heroine into a giant cage. He won't let her out anymore, except for using the bathroom, and he keeps her on a literal leash for that, and taking her phone away. And getting his Good Ending involves him trying to assault her because she managed to escape the cage. And the two of them end up in what is supposed to be a happy relationship.
  • The Woobie:
    • Ukyo. He is also an Iron Woobie.
    • The heroine! Her having amnesia, which cannot be cured in an ordinary hospital, is the least of her worries. She gets harassed by Ikki's fanclub in several routes, has to deal with Toma and his cruel actions in another, and even Joker World has everything wanting her dead.

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